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Studio PlatinumGames was founded by former employees of Capcom, who in 2008 managed to agree with SEGA on the publication of four new games (the list was later replenished with a fifth). They were MadWorld for Wii, Infinite Space for DS, as well as Bayonetta and Vanquish for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. For some reason, the company does not remember the first two, but the latter are actively re-released on different platforms – both were released on PC in 2017, and Bayonetta made its way to the Wii U with the Nintendo Switch. It’s time to release them on the current home consoles – the corresponding collection is called Bayonetta & Vanquish 10th Anniversary Bundle.

Timeless classic

Unfortunately (or fortunately), no significant changes were made to these games. These are the most ordinary remasters, which differ from the original console versions only in support for 4K resolution, twice the frame rate and graphical improvements that could be seen even in the PC versions.

No bonus content is offered here, so if over the past ten years you have managed to pass Bayonetta and Vanquish more than once, then there is hardly any point in acquiring the collection. The digital versions are downloaded and launched separately from each other, and the retail version of the collection is packaged in a deluxe steelbook with a cover specially drawn for the collection.

Riding on fifth point

Vanquish has not managed to become obsolete over the years – as it was a fun non-stop action game in which something happens every minute, it remained so. Until now, few action movies can offer such dynamic gameplay and such vivid firefights. The protagonist Sam Gideon has a special suit with accelerators that allow him to rush around the location at high speed in order to quickly get to enemies or slide to the nearest shelters. It is impossible to move indefinitely in this way because of the danger of overheating, but you do not feel yourself in a tight confines.

If you take damage for a long time, time will slow down.

The “smart” suit reacts to hits and, in case of serious injuries, activates time dilation. If you wish, you can slow it down yourself, but in both cases you need to act quickly – in case of overheating, the hero will not be able to drive fast, and therefore will become an easy target. As a result, the whole gameplay comes down to the use of accelerators and constant shooting, you regularly have to deal with groups of opponents (who either shoot from conventional weapons, or sit behind turrets, or somehow try to annoy), but Vanquish tries to offer the player a variety of situations. Missions can be either a simple sweep of the territory, or the protection of an important object, or something else.

Vanquish has flaws that were already visible in versions for older consoles. The plot, for example, is completely uninteresting. Evil Russians, the Order of the Russian Star, organized by the Russian Air Force, led by agent Viktor Zaitsev (who pronounces the phrase “Goodbye!” with a funny accent) – all this passes by the player and is lost behind explosions and gunfights. This is despite the fact that there are a lot of videos here – the story simply does not catch on, and nothing can be done about it.

The duration is also a bit disappointing – it will be possible to complete the game in a maximum of eight hours, although many did it in six. After the credits, only a few bonus tests will remain, which at one time ruffled the nerves of those who wanted to get “platinum”. In the reissue, of course, they have not gone away and become available after passing the first act.

Bayonetta & Vanquish 10th Anniversary Bundle game review

Sitting behind the turret is no less fun than driving around the location.

The Vanquish remaster isn’t much different from what PlatinumGames did for the PC version. Moreover, some of its shortcomings, including subsidence of frame rate during some videos, migrated here unchanged. But these are all nitpicks – otherwise it is difficult to find obvious flaws in this version. The game looks wonderful, there are no filters and “soaps” like on the PS3, everything works stably, the videos (which, by the way, are played at 30 frames / s) look great. In general, a worthy re-release of a good game.

real star

But Bayonetta is simply not a good game. Even after more than ten years, this is one of the best action games of this type (and for some even the best) – to understand why, it is enough to go through one prologue. Stunning staging, wonderful music, amazing fight choreography, mesmerizing videos, convenient controls – the list of advantages is endless. Even now, it can be rated “Amazing” and recommended to anyone who is delighted with the Devil May Cry series, but for some reason has not yet become familiar with the early work of PlatinumGames.

The original Bayonetta looked pretty bad, especially on PS3. The Sony console in those days caused a lot of problems for developers (just remember Mafia II with missing grass), and even Japanese studios could not figure out its stuffing. Therefore, Bayonetta was played on the PS3 at a frequency of 30 frames / s with constant drawdowns, and on the Xbox 360 it reached 60. Both there and there the resolution was 720p, plus it was not without features familiar to games of that era, such as a faded color palette and textures, which like a brown filter.

Bayonetta & Vanquish 10th Anniversary Bundle game review

You will never get tired of driving enemies with a kick into the guillotine.

The re-release does not make the colors brighter, but with a normal resolution, a stable frame rate and a sharper picture, the visuals become much cooler. Bayonetta looks even sexier, her crazy tricks flowing into each other even more breathtaking. But the videos (as in Vanquish) are still shown at 30 frames / s.

Bayonetta also has its drawbacks, like a not always adequate camera, a couple of unsuccessful episodes, not the most outstanding plot and second QTEs that can lead to character death if you want to scratch your nose during the video. However, all this is easy to ignore thanks to the amazing fights.

One of the key features of the battles here is the activation of “slow-mo” when dodging an attack at the last second. Thanks to her and how many combinations with light and heavy blows are here, every skirmish with enemies does not stop rejoicing. Especially when the action takes place in luxurious scenery, and among the opponents there are creatures with incredible design.

Nobody but PlatinumGames makes the fights so smooth and beautiful.

The console re-release is no different from what is available in the PC version, but I still managed to find one “unique” flaw – in very rare cases, the game crashes with an error after death. The same thing seems to have happened with Vanquish, but even before I started testing it, a patch came out that said about fixing a similar bug. As a result, in the case of Vanquish, I did not encounter anything like this, but Bayonetta did not have time to update at the time of writing. But the corresponding patch will certainly not keep you waiting.


The Bayonetta & Vanquish 10th Anniversary Bundle is perfect for those who have never played these games or were forced to play them on older consoles that struggled to cope with them. If both actions are purchased on Steam, this collection will not be of any interest – there is no bonus content or exclusive improvements, as, for example, in Devil May Cry 3 for Nintendo Switch. And if you haven’t played one of the best games in your genres yet, what are you waiting for?

Pros: Two great PlatinumGames games with 60fps support and 4K resolution – do you need any more pros?

Cons: lack of at least some innovations; periodic (very rare) sorties after death.

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