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Bazooka Boy is a fun mobile game with tons of challenging levels and a great selection of weapons. Crush, blow up, smash the whole map to pieces, if only to destroy opponents by any means and win the battle. The play dummies are used to the rigors of combat, so feel free to choose your weapons. Excellent graphics, realistic physics, many levels and a pleasant atmosphere make every battle bright and memorable.

Bazooka Boy
 Codes (2022 December) 1.16.0
All Codes Expiration date
9RO8GJISHF7 November 27, 2022
Q7SZWPYX61 December 20, 2022
NHBF9L2JT December 25, 2022
O1XQ0A4IPDW January 14, 2023
2OVQPH3BKSTI January 22, 2023
3IOQ5P6BWMJ January 18, 2023
6AQIBD39RFC December 15, 2022
5YIGZUWK0H January 12, 2023
BKFN7XL4Q January 13, 2023
UECPQ9L74I6 November 26, 2022
1UK24HC6YS7A January 8, 2023
CDOUT48FER3 December 16, 2022

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