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Beast Quest Ultimate Heroes is a fantastic huge world played by over two tens of millions of users from all over the world. They are die-hard fans of fantasy series and monster novels.

Beast Quest Ultimate Heroes
 Promo Codes (2023 February) 1.2.4
All Codes Expiration date
A4WRDTG7YHQ February 26, 2023
DCQABW0UMS January 30, 2023
XTC9WZ30Q February 2, 2023
EO5F07VJCHY January 21, 2023
BZLXYJS1Q0WU February 18, 2023
B0D3WVJ7CXL January 4, 2023
HEXGZ9S35CN February 6, 2023
6PKCANFUBY January 29, 2023
AGXMOT05R January 11, 2023
28OADBP1TRZ January 20, 2023
16RB3OXJS5W0 January 10, 2023
ZPBEAHWQVSX February 21, 2023

After the evil wizard wrapped the big island of Avantia in enchantment and magic, the hero had to fly to this land and fight for the return of animals to life. Release different types of animals, among which there are even exclusive individuals. Cleanse the lands that have been liberated and move forward through the territories with severe trials. You must become heroes in Avantia and help the island bloom again. To defeat opponents in Beast Quest Ultimate Heroes, you need to apply a special strategy and style. Invite friends to the competition, with whom it will be even more fun to go to raids. Collect more than a hundred original characters in the collection, among which there are even mutants. Equip your character with swords, shields and other equipment. Beast Quest Ultimate Heroes Features

  • Beautiful 3D fantasy graphics;
  • Endless journeys through epic lands;
  • 100 or more animals, as well as mythical creatures;
  • Global RPG with magic and sorcery.

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