Beauty salon: hair salon MOD APK (Free Unlocked) 1.3.3

Updated on June 10, 2024

Name Beauty salon: hair salon
Publisher YovoGames
Category Game New
Version 1.3.3
Price FREE
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Beauty salon: hair salon APK
Beauty salon: hair salon MOD
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Start opening your own beauty salon

If you can download Beauty Salon: Hair Salon for Android, crowds of funny little animals will come to you every day to get themselves in order. They all came from the jungle, where few people had heard of fashion. Customize their appearance so that they look chic. Change your hairstyle and apply makeup. Do everything exactly like a real salon.

Scissors, hair dryer, machine, and many other tools will be available for use. Here girls will be able to show their creative imagination and create truly amazing images. If you are a girl and like to follow fashion, be sure to decide to download Beauty Salon: Hair Salon for Android, because the game is full of amazing moments and amazing characters.

Every day giraffes, zebras will come to you for a haircut, and even a mother elephant will stop by the workshop. Each of them has their own desires, which you, as a master hairdresser, will have to fulfill. Help their cherished dream, to look great, come true as quickly as possible. Be wise and use your imagination because there are no standards in fashion. Add cosmetics to the fancy hairstyle, and then they will become beautiful.

Ideal hairdresser job

A fashionista will be able to use a huge number of tools. You can dye your clients’ hair, cut it with scissors, then wash it and, of course, dry it. There are tons of styling sprays, shampoos, and more. Of course, such diversity makes the gameplay unique and very interesting. You can curl, straighten and create unique hair colors for your clients.

Have fun and enjoy yourself. Sometimes you can fantasize so much that the image of a character becomes very funny. Supplement all this successful skill with accessories in the form of glasses and hairpins, and even change out the chic jewelry.

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