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Movies based on comics are now released with enviable regularity, but we, in turn, continue to tell you about their stars. This time we will talk about the legendary warrior who, in the era of the dominance of male superheroes, managed to pave the way for the girls who save the world and, not in word, but in deed, prove that beauty is a terrible force.

Despite all the transformations of the costume of our today’s guest, the theme of the US flag has always been traced in it. True, if earlier it could be safely dubbed the Captain America of the DC universe, now the patriotic message is no longer so frank.

Extraordinary miracle

Diana Prince, better known as Wonder Woman, was created by William M. Marston, an American inventor, psychologist, and feminist theorist. The struggle for women’s rights did not prevent the scientist from living with his wife and mistress, who, it should be noted, got along well with each other. Both girls became to some extent the prototypes of the new heroine and influenced the course of its creation: it was Marston’s wife who suggested making a character of the weaker sex that could compete with Batman and Superman. The publisher liked the idea, and in December 1941, Wonder Woman first appeared on the paper pages of All Star Comics.

The heroine was conceived as a role model for girls, skillfully combining tenderness, peacefulness and impressive strength, she was both beautiful and formidable. Thanks to a deal between DC and Marston, comics with her participation were published very actively: under the terms of the agreement, the release of a small number of issues per year would lead to the loss of rights to Wonder Woman. Such attention from the publisher helped popularize the heroine and allowed her to enter the “big three” DC side by side with Batman and Superman.

Together with the men mentioned, the brave warrior was in the Justice League, but, unlike her comrades-in-arms, she was ready to kill enemies if necessary. And the point here is not even the excessive aggressiveness of the girl, but the fact that she looked at the world through the eyes of a mythical hero.

The origin of Wonder Woman has been rewritten more than once. Only the place of her birth remained unchanged – the paradise island of Themyscira, isolated from the outside world, where immortal Amazons live in splendid isolation. According to some stories, the girl’s body was molded from clay by Queen Hippolyta, and then, as in the myth of Galatea, Aphrodite breathed life into it. The new comics took a more traditional approach to the birth of the Amazon princess: her father was the great Thunderer Zeus himself.

Beautiful like Aphrodite, wise like Athena, fast like Hermes, strong like Hercules.

The gods of Olympus gave Diana superhuman strength, speed, regeneration, the ability to understand animals. The phrases that she throws with or without reason also refer us to the inhabitants of the Pantheon: “Merciful Minerva!”, “Great Aphrodite!”, “Holy Hera!” And the girl borrowed her name from the Roman patroness of hunting and femininity. The story of the heroine, as you can see, is inextricably linked with myths, although it allows many liberties at their expense. For example, in the legends, Hippolyta was the favorite daughter of Ares, while in the comics, the god of war was almost the main enemy of the Amazon.

Diana’s serene life on the miracle island ended when American intelligence officer Steve Trevor was accidentally brought there. In the competition, the warrior won the right to return the hero to his homeland, where she then decided to stay. And in order to make the “world of men” at least a little like the utopian Themyscira, Wonder Woman began to fight crime and joined the Justice League.

Beauty more American

Initially, the abilities of the blue-eyed brunette were rather modest compared to her counterparts. She was strong but not as powerful as Superman, fast but not as lightning fast as the Flash. Diana could not even fly without the help of her invisible plane. It sounds absurd, but it was this device that more than once rescued her from troubles. By the way, almost all of Wonder Woman’s distinctive skills were related to gadgets.

The bracelets forged by Hephaestus from the fragments of the aegis protected the hostess from shots, and by crossing her arms, she could cause a barrier that already covered several people at once. However, the artifact created from the shield of Athena was also needed by Diana in order to keep herself from madness. Without bracers, the Amazon ceases to control herself and begins to violently attack those around her – for nothing that “Wonder Woman crush!” doesn’t scream.

The lightning-fast reflexes of the warrior allowed her to beat off both bullets and various magical projectiles with equal success.

Another constant attribute of Diana is a tiara. She also kills two birds with one stone: on the one hand, she emphasizes the social status of the Amazon princess, on the other hand, she helps to bear retribution in the name of Themyscira. And all because with a deft movement of the hand, the crown turns into a projectile that can be launched at the enemy.

Ornaments are ornaments, but still the most recognizable equipment of the girl is the lasso of Truth, the magical aura of which forced people bound by him to speak the truth. Like bracelets, it was created by an Olympic blacksmith. William Marston himself played a similar role in our world: he not only invented Wonder Woman, but also invented the polygraph, or, more simply, the lie detector. In the course of his research, the scientist discovered that women are much more honest than men, and put into the hands of the most worthy of them a weapon that can untie the tongue of any hypocrite and deceiver.

Dangerous ties

With the lasso of Truth and things like that, Wonder Woman’s main weakness is in common – she loses all her super strength when she is shackled. Therefore, it is not surprising that at first the comics about Diana were more like a manual on bondage techniques than the adventures of a brave heroine. It is even surprising that a theorist and propagandist of the struggle for women’s rights came up with such a delicate feature.

Such a vulnerability, of course, attracted a lot of attention, and especially interested readers even conducted entire studies and wrote books on this issue. Marston himself was convinced that this kind of domination and submission did not contradict his main message.

According to the author, such a bloodless containment of strength and recklessness (let me remind you that the Amazon was just like that, because bracelets protected her from madness) could easily ensure world peace. And the ability to control oneself, albeit in such a metaphorical vein, is the key to healthy human relationships.

The ropes and chains on Diana also refer to the suffragettes who tied and chained themselves in protest against discrimination against women.


The brave heroine often appeared in the animated series in the DC universe, and in the 70s she received her own TV show, which was released for four whole years in a row. Since we have a gaming site, it is worth briefly mentioning the incarnations of Diana in games. She never had solo projects, like, say, Batman, but she constantly became a participant in massive battles, and in the story campaign of the new Injustice 2 she has her own small but important role.

Returning to the comics, it is important to note that the image of the Amazon princess is not only one of the most recognizable in pop culture – she also laid the foundation for the creation of many modern superheroines. To what extent the new incarnation of the strong and independent Diana corresponds to the character invented by Marston, you can find out in cinemas right now. I would like to believe that Wonder Woman will be able to perform a heroic deed and protect the honor of the entire MCU. May the gods of Olympus help her in this!

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