Idle Bee Factory Tycoon MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.33.0

Updated on June 13, 2024

Name Idle Bee Factory Tycoon
Publisher Green Panda Games
Category Game New
Version 1.33.0
Price FREE
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Idle Bee Factory Tycoon APK
Idle Bee Factory Tycoon MOD
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Bee Factory: A Bee Management Simulator

Bee Factory is an addictive simulator where players manage entire flocks of bees to create honeycombs. Open your own factory to produce delicious nectar and explore the intricate world of beekeeping.

Experience the Life of Bees

For the first time, players can immerse themselves in a clicker game that educates them about the fascinating life of bees. From understanding the intricacies of bee behavior to actively participating in hive management, Bee Factory offers a unique and engaging experience.

Become a Beekeeping Tycoon

Dive into the world of beekeeping and learn how to efficiently manage your own factory to produce vast amounts of honey. As you progress, you may even find yourself on the path to becoming a millionaire in the virtual bee world. Develop your skills daily, strive to gather more honey, and focus on maximizing profits through strategic sales.

Explore Various Bee Types

With over a hundred different types of bees to study in Bee Factory, players must understand the unique characteristics of each pair. As the owner of the bee factory, it’s crucial to take into account how each pair functions and optimize honey production accordingly.

Upgrade Your Bee Swarm and Equipment

Increase your honey production by selling more and investing the profits into upgrading your bee swarm and purchasing advanced equipment. Staying ahead of the curve and ensuring a steady flow of resources are essential to making more money and expanding your client base.

Key Features of Bee Factory

  • About a hundred types of exclusive bees to discover and study
  • Access to equipment and other essential resources to optimize honey production
  • Engaging clicker gameplay with a free scheme, allowing players to make profits even when offline


Bee Factory offers a unique blend of education and entertainment by allowing players to delve into the intricate world of beekeeping. From managing bee colonies to maximizing honey production, the game provides a dynamic and engaging experience for players of all ages. Embark on your beekeeping journey, become a honey tycoon, and experience the sweet satisfaction of running your very own Bee Factory!

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