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Match 3 puzzle game has already collected more than seventy million players around the world. Many people decide to download Best Fiends for Android because of the exciting gameplay and chic adventures made in fantastic graphics. Discover a new world that will give you the opportunity to use funny characters in the course of an interesting story. Each of these funny babies has its own place in the world. Gather an experienced team that will participate in the game story and increase the level of these characters. They will stand up every day to fight against the nasty slugs that have captivated the world. The player who can download Best Fiends for Android will get an interesting story and storyline. Together with the kids of this fantasy world, the hero will have to try to live in complete harmony. Their world is distinguished by kindness and love, until a terrible event happened one night. Fantastic dark magicians were able to turn cute slugs into dangerous criminals who will now try to destroy the inhabitants of this fairy tale. All the relatives and friends of the hero were taken hostage, and he, as the only hero, must throw all his strength into saving them. Funny puzzles with a plotTo be able to destroy the entire army of slugs, you will have to try to increase your skills and level. Discover the amazing secret of this mysterious story. Ahead of the player are waiting for amazing puzzles in which difficult levels are hidden, so it is necessary to consolidate the experience gained in practice. The player will enter an amazing world with colorful three-dimensional graphics. Rescuing his friends, the main character will make up a bold team of them. Together they will be able to take over the slugs and find the main magician who has done so much trouble in their calm world.

Best Fiends
  MOD APK (God Mode) 11.1.2

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