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Are you a crewmate or a betrayer? Crewmates will work collectively to complete duties throughout the map to win; nonetheless, stay alert! Betrayers among the many crew will sneak spherical to set off disruptions and eliminate your fellow crewmates.

Between rounds, you and your teammates will pay attention to who is likely to be the betrayer. Did you see one thing suspicious? Did you see any person sneaking spherical your eradicated crewmate? After discussing collectively, you may get to vote on who you assume is betraying the crew. Warning: for many who guess improperly and vote out an innocent crewmate, the betrayers shall be even nearer to profitable! Mod APK 1.1.6 (Unlimited Items)

Game is cleann . Guess what when I was in a game and when I liked the lobby until it got not connected so I can't play a game if it trys to make me mad. I think everyone know why . Llk. Game is dead spent 20 minutes looking for a players and found no one very disappointed considering the game is good quality but it's clearly doing something wrong hopefully it gets the player base back.. People would take advantage of the admin and kick button so they can get what they want. They never appreciate anything. But I do love this game but they people in the community like to get what they want in a way like taking advantage of things. That's why I uninstall it..

It is fun but it wont let me logg in. Why wont it let me?. It really fun and If no game yes play fishing on it so fun install. This is the biggest game of bekar game this is no 1 in foshing. there are some issues need to fix, when we leave a lobby we can't play again it saying the users already in server something that... Need to fix this bug... i delete because it rellay sucks because is not like among us im giving this a 2 star rank go to my youtube channel NintendoSwitchProPlayer subscribe please.

i love this game its so addicting to the point where i play it everyday i give it 5 out of 5 maybe even 1000 out of 5. Impossible to join a new lobby after leaving a previous one. You need to leave and close the game and restart it. Do you think that the bugs fixes is good well it's not when I was playing it I just took me alltway to Google store and when I was in a match it took me back to the game it just restart please fix it.. Excellent game.... I love among us.

I love this app beside the people cassing I got my friend to download it it's really fun . The game itself was great like the graphics, the only things is that it was hard to gather takes a while.. This game is better than Among Us but on the quest, I can't seem open the battlepass so I can't unlock stuff. I already reinstalled the game but still didint fix it. May I ask how to earn money in it? I don't know how. And lastly, whats the purpose of fishing when it doesn't give you money or stuff at all? I'm not trying to be rude. This game is pretty underrated and addicting. I hope you fix bugs and add more features!. I hop you added voice chat cuz its my firts time playing. Nope not great. That's all I have to say for the never ending lagging.

It,s very great he exclusive skins are mythic good game And put this for offline. I never played this game before!. we can all tell that this game is a amoung us ripoff but compared to the real amoung us this game has some high potential with all the different updates occuring well just see where this game takes us to. the graphics and theme are great! and the maps or excellent down to little bits. Really good just needs more hair and shoes and more stuff. It good very good it more fun but lags tho too.

This Game Has everything which A Player need or can entertain himself especially this game has All side mods which make me Feel awesome about this game,need some little improvement like voice chat,better server to easily gather players from all over world and i just had a Best experience through this game although it is under development so i hope they will do which i mentioned superb game . They removed the horns know I can't play with my brother like I hate that the fact they locked it like that's dumb bro. Its such an amazing game way better than among us great maps and so so much more love the fraphics and quality. It a grste game. My friend used to play this and didn't have among us so I just played it for them. If it's not for my friend I would not play it..

Add pokemon. Keep. So bad Jjsjs s Jsns s And the impostor is pink and white and black and white and the kids are doing well and that I can get it to the point of contact for sale 2nd, but the other side. I will not be the best way. . . new tables. the only thing is, I. I really like the game but there is a bug that in the fishing game the map is glitch. Half of the map is purple I hope you fix it. In PC in website the map is not glitch I hope you fix it. Its So Fun I LOVE IT it's a lot like among Us BUT BETTER. It's actually a lot like a lot like among Us but it's Better it's more fun there's a fishing game. You can play on a private server with your friends it's really easy to do that they just have to know the code the code will be on the side of your screen when you get on the game and then you can play publicly with random people you can even meet new people and make some friends you have to see betrayer.

Bad game but its so nice. Very bad doesn't join lobby. Hi,I love this game everything is perfect but I can't join the in tab or other than pc .... it says connecting but it doesn't. pls make available in or other than pc...hope u could soon fix this problem...thank you. . I like you're fishing program Lol can't wait for further updates.

Game is horrible the murder a kid killed me. Hello can you add a voice chat pls so its more fun. It's a good game just put 5 Stars. Death game... No more update or news at facebook. sadly.... Cool.

This was very fun but when ever I logged in with google it keeps saying saying that I need to log in I hope that you can fix this please and thank you .. This game is the best of all time but not better than roblox. It's be fun matey (Pirate). I loved this as a child. So cool.

This game is better then among us! But the problem is that u get loaded into the same lobby u were before, pls fix that!. ITS SO FUN ITS BETTER THAN AMONG US LOL. How long do I have to wait to play 1 game since I downloaded this app I haven't even played 1 round this is pathetic. . I really like that game . . ..

Well I love it just like among us, but better you also get to dress up your guy, and it's kinda like a dating app people use it to date more than o play but it's okay. I like this game. Nice game overall i love the art and the map style but there is one problem i am facing i can not log in at all i will click the butten google or facebook but nothing happens so i cant get clothes so its a pain thats the only problem im facing right now i would give 5 stars but this problem is a big pain can you please fix it? Tysm. Played back in 2019 was so much fun and still is now even if it's more fun on browser lol. Good.

How to play with FRIENDS. Heieaj:-). I saw funneh and rainbow but rainbow killed funneh in the bathroom so draco and gold vote rainbow because she killed funneh and lunar too. I really like the game, the graphics, theme, maps, tasks. But need improvement in some fields. In spaceship map, there is a difficulty for every gamers for doing the task in weapons. So many have shared this with me during the game and main thing is that no one can claim the rewards from daily quest after completing the quest. I'm hoping a needful updated version soon from your side guys.. I cant play it >:(.

I saw funneh and her friend play this game and i liked it so much when i saw the video but there is a problem when i was making my avatar the game was stopped so plsss fix this problem anyways can you make so many game i promise i will dowlond it when its on my face. It's good but it's also glitchy. I wouldn't recommend this game if you don't have a lot of storage.. It not logn in my account. This app is very good. I love that you can create your avatar but one problem every time I join a server it lags then crashes my phone and to get it to work again I have to restart it so yeah the rest is good.. The games fun, but the downside is it lags alot on low end devices(like mine) so if it could be fixed.I would appreciate it a lot..

This was was so good and funny than but now she's so bad and she didn't work some times... why? . It's great besides that there are still some glitches in the game.. AMONG US BUT HUMANS . . . . You Were An Impostor. . ' 0 Impostors remain . . , . .. Ggf. Cool.

Great game but Im still waiting for the new fishing area but it's solid game. I got stuck everytime while i start a game fix it. It's good but I'm lagging when the map change so I give 4 I wanna give 5 but I can't this game doesn't deserve it.. I like it Yep thx keep it up and the zone that will opne pls. Wow.

Yayyyyy the game is awesome. fun. no no no no no no no. , just give me so don't with me.. No, This is not and this is not solving mystery because This is not how you play! Im Mad That You Dont Let Me Play!! YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE OLD ENOUGH!!!!!!!! THIS IS WHY I SHOULD NEVER PLAY THIS. THIS is Dumb.

Easy. This game is really fun execpt for me i always exprice bug plus some people swear and i really hate the game works on my ipad and phone but when i go on the website on computer i click play and it just takes me back to the dressing room thingy whatever it is called i think a lot of people are expericeing this so please fix it is really anoying thank you if you do fix it. :). its good... but when i tryed to login it didnt work.... I Hate This game it is the worst when I play it says "connecting" and a few seconds later the game closes and i hate this game I can't even play as a guest i am very sad and you should fix this problem and if you dont i will rate you 1 star.I want to give 0 stars but then i can't post so I will rate 1 star. Amazing game, I gave it a 4 star review because I love the mic, but it only works for pc players. If you can make an update to let mobile people use a mic It would be a 5 star..

Hay if you could make it were only the person who made the game could kick people that would be great becouse I was trying to play and someone kept trying to kick me becouse I made the server and there wasn't enough people to play but then someone said I only kick bully's but I'm pretty sure they were the one kicking random people no one was doing a thing but they kicked me becouse there wasn't enough people to start and becouse apparently standing is not aloud. . THIS IS NOT A GOOD GAME TO PLAY ITS A DATING APP. I cant login. But overall this game is kinda nice. On the browser, when someone talks it sounds choppy too.. It will not let u type something if ur in a game.

Very fun! There is a few bugs in the game.. Doe I hope u guys fix it.. I like the game a lot bc itsfunneh played it! Idk why but I love when itsfunneh play idk why again but the bugs are.. If u type and the player dies in the next round it will apir randomly in chat and everyone will sus u and probably vote u out.. But it's just sometimes, second I can't move on the 3 round I don't know why- third one sometimes I can't click like change outfits,kill,vote,press and vent so yeah bye. This game is actually good better than among us. Cool. Fun. Its so sad cuz i dont have any friends:(.

When you get blamed in the game and you wanna speak it takes hours to just get the keybroed to even show up and it's take literally 2 minutes to type one word what a foolish app??. This game is very amazing but sometimes the game freezes when you join a server or when a meeting is about to end, the other accessories are locked, which is also a problem, and this game needs more game modes like red light green light, imposter spree (which is everyone being the imposter but you have to kill other imposters to win) , and my other problem is the quests, sometimes you can't collect them when your not on a server, or sometimes you can't collect them even if in a server. I love this game it's better than among us and u get to use voice. GOOD game I think. Cant log in.

GAME REALLY SOCK bruh when u click play online and u joind a lobby theres no players NOTHING ITS JUST ME U CANT EVEN FIND A LOBBY if u guys want this game to be 5 stars game u guys need to add more and fix the lobby and XAN WE SIGHN IN BRUH!!!!!!!!. This game is Amazing. If you play the games you games lag and black screen. It's among us 2.0 and my favorite kill is the one when u snack the player fly and spin and slam themo. The groud. THIS IS THE WORST GAME EVER!!! I said this is because when I go in the game it always says connecting....... And then it never ever load for me at all so PLEASE FIX THIS GAME and I really want to enjoy this game but it kept loading and it was my first time playing.

You can't play this game there is no player. What the copying of among us. i like the game but when i try to log in it will only log in on the website so i can never acheive any thing on the app it self. No way . You can't mimic so booooo.

When I try to long it doesnt work and i've refreahed 100000000000000 times... but otherwise like when I play as a guest-it's really cool. But sincce i'm on a laptop, the tool controler doesnt work when I use arrows or wasd keys.. or is it just me? anyway cool game. 3.9. I like it but when I join I'm the only one. to game is to lage. Fails to load. Very good.

Developer fix this beach ashh I don't have all day. I love this game but it would be better if u guys put mic in mobile hehe..... This game is trash it has no one playing. It's good but names can't contain .s and @s and etc plus I'm glitching out of games. This is a nice game. Not bad..

Trash game. I cannot even join a single game!!?!?! although the character making is good ... I give it 3 stars bc when i join there's no players I'm lonely but good game. Very bad game no one even joining to the lobby. I LOVE THIS GAME BUT I'M STILL NOT SURE WHAT TO DO IN IT.

I really hate this game it load so slow and it stop in 70 and my sister is mad too because this game is sucks i really hate this. I like the game and all but theyre are a lot of bugs. like when I try to loggin to my account it sends me to a blank website with nothing on it? and could you please fix it?. It would be nice to actually be able to play, spent 2 hours in a lobby trying to play a game, cant tell you what happens after the lobby lol. Dr73u. I really like this but I can't play it and thanks for making this I play it on computer on crazy games betryal.

It's a good rip off. This game has so much potential yet it's squanders it (by not updating it frequently) (among Us in it's hay day) it could have even surpassed among Us but sadly this is not the case.. Solo le pongo porque el inicio de sesin no te deja iniciar sesin y ya lo he intentado mucho lo dems muy bueno. 3 stars why? Because let people update the game at the same time it's annoying when it says"update the game" so u need to let all devices update at the same time then I will give u 5 stars deal? Please I'm begging u Anywho like if u agree with me. No one can join public match it takes even 40 minutes and longer.

So good. So funny when the robot kills you Like Larry bunny it slavery funny it's literally funny like funny bunny. The game has potential but I get stuck on "matchmaking" a lot. So, I can't get into a game enough to play.. This is like among us but better but the only thing you need to add is make friend's chat. I like the game but the matchmaking is terrible because I can't enter to my friends room, and when I go to public lobby there were nobody but me and I did it again and its only me who is always in there. I can't even update it, pls fix it thank you..

I really love it I can also talk with other people from other countries. I HATE THIS GAME! EVERYTIME I PLAY IT SAYS IM OFFLINE! BUT OFCORSE IM NOT! OR IT SAYS LOST CONNECTION!!! OR IT JUST KICKS ME OUT LIKE GURLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! PLZ FIX THIS BUG NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. i hate it this game is a fake you have to login and when your a kid it doesn't work when your at list 13 it works try it out this is the truth. It won't let me log in.

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