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Uncover the missing grandma! It’s been 10 years as a result of the police of a small metropolis started looking out for in any case some clues throughout the magical forest… The mom and father hid the horrible truth from their granddaughter, nevertheless, she hasn’t misplaced hope! If she knew what was hiding in the misplaced diary and the mysterious chest buried throughout the yard…

Bored with the usual puzzle video and match? Mahjong games aren’t pleasurable anymore? Uncover the good world and thwart the sinister plan to destroy the magic forest! Solely it will possibly prevent the defenseless animals!

Bewitching Mahjong Solitaire Mod APK 1.0.618 (Free Shopping)

I liked the game, but on my tablet the tiles were just straining for the eye.? Im not sure exactly what I'm trying to say. Just the tiles for me are a bit of a pain.. There are a lot of reviews saying that some levels are unwinnable without buying powerups. This is not true. Every level can be beat without using paid powerups. Some of them are just really hard. You have to make matches in a specific order and break ice or stone tiles in a certain pattern. Some of the levels there's only one path to beating it. But they can all be beaten without spending money. My only complaint is that I have trouble changing my design choices after they've been made.. keeps me busy. It's a good game, I've been playing this game for a couple of days now and it's really addicting especially if you're bored and don't have anything to do.. OK, so I've been playing android games, since literally when android platform went public. And this is, by far, the best and most beautiful graphics I have ever seen. Hands down.. There are a lot of ways to stack mahjong tiles so that a match is impossible to complete, and this game is master of it. I sailed through the intro levels but the game quickly scales the difficulty up. I gave up on a level after 20 unsuccesful tries, used all my saved coins and tools and still failed. I uninstalled. I'm not interestes in a game that tries to force you to spend money and the levels are still unbeatable..

The mahjong tiles themselves are boring to look at, but the characters & environment have great design & colors. A little concerned that the game stopped being updated nearly a year before I found it, yet is still in Beta. Never saw an ad for this game, found it on a keyword search.. Sharon she will keep it. I really liked this game, but after I finished chapter one it said open the Internet and reopen the game and after I open it again it starts from the beginning, why is that??? Please fix it. . by. I would love to restart and the email address isn't working so I can't get a hold of you or it would be more stars.

Ok gme. This game is adorable and story is very interesting, however reason i didn't give it 5 stars is that gameplay itself is a bit annoying. Not being able to see which tiles are open without power-up feels a bit pay-to-win-y bcs it's very hard to gage it without flashlight and rules about it feel bit inconsistent. Bigger issue tho is that lot of tiles look very similar so u really have to focus despite tile matching usually being no-brainer activity. Besides that it's a great game i enjoy playing!. A lot of levels leave the last few matches stacked directly on top of each other, making it impossible to finish the level without buying something to use. It happens too often to be random or coincidental. Even the games that just push you into constantly paying money usually try harder to hide it, in the beginning, guys! Come on! lol. Its a cute game. super cute game can be pretty challenging sometimes but persistence pays off.

It's really hard to see which tiles are free and which aren't. The layers aren't obvious at all. Also the tutorial doesn't need to tell me so many times that I need to play a level to get a star. I got it the first time, thanks.. The game is fine, but there times when you just without using power ups or you have to keep spending more money. It makes the game no fun.. This game is OK but it is not very good for me so I uninstalled it. like like. very fun to play, love the story lines..

good game but lacks certain things as pause option during the level and all the sounds, like the coin, star, bonus sounds, please add them. It a good game. love the game. Nice relaxing game. a little challenging but that just helps make it fun. Ads are optional and not overbearing or annoying. Very enjoyable. I love it such cool characters and intriguing story..

This game forces you to do what it says instead of just letting you play the game. You can not choose to use boosters or not because it forces you to click on them or else you can not play. Same goes for fulfilling the goals. I despise games that do that.. love the game and the decorating and the storyline is great very fun and addictive awesome graphics great job majon. Useless. Game will not open. Uninstalled. A fresh twist on mahjong and renovation type games. Im at level 589, I love this game. Yes some of the levels are hard, but that is the challenge of the game. I love the graphics and the story line. My only issue is that I have gott to level 649 and had to wait for the developers to catch up to me. I emailed support a few times to see what is happening,after a few months I was moved back 100+ levels, that was fine, now I just want the story to continue. The book only gives the opinion of 30 coins if I watch an add. What us going on?.

interesting and just hard enough to be challenging.. It will not let me on, it keeps saying failed to connect to server. Wont load on. this game would be amazing if it wasn't so terribly unfair. I'm only on level 24 and it's already getting frustrating; there are SO many tiles and I've already had to use a power up to rearrange my tiles 4 times. sometimes the game sets you up to fail because the board layout is unwinnable due to the tiles you need to match being trapped underneath other tiles. if the board automatically reshuffled itself without you having to use a power it would be MUCH more fair and enjoyable.. liking the game so far.

#SudiptaBasakSB. fun and challenging. This game is too hard and I can't get past level 30. I may uninstall.. Different to other games I've play like thus but enjoying it so far. amazing.

I'm suck at mahjong but still trying to play this. great way to pass time. It is a fun game until later on in the game where you need to buy things to advance due to tiles being under the same tile amd worse when you get down to the last 6 and all 6 are under the tiles you need to match game after game after game, I know this is a free game but to get to this point is ridiculous. Shame it is a good game.. A little annoying and confusing. I love the game, but I think there's too much story I think there needs to be story and designing at the same time it takes too long getting a bit boring.

It's a wonderful game to relax. Great story and graphics. Some level are very hard to beat.. Love This Game. 100% bagusbaged. It's a great game I really enjoy it and the art style brings me back everytime, but it is quite frustrating at times I'm on level 83 and I play the hard levels a minimum of 10 times to even clear the level. And with how long it takes lives to charge its frustrating. I enjoy the game but it's frustrating at best.. i like majong..and being able to decorate...great relaxing fun.

this is a fun game. Would be a great game,but takes too long for story to take course.. wow so nice app. Level 30 seems impossible even using boosters. Over all I loved the game but getting trapped on a level and no matter how you play or how many boosters you use you can't beat it is infuriating. I even tried using all the boosters at once and almost immediately there was no moves left to be made. cant get passed 34 no matter water i try help.

The fact there isn't any sound feedback when removing tiles is terribly underwhelming. Where it not for this issue I'd be rating this game 5 stars.. good. I really thought that this was going to be a better type of game graphics are awesome but you can't even get past level 25 without buying something and I'm quite certain that it's cheating I've seen more than one or two matches after it shuts you down and kicks you out of the game such a shame sick of getting scammed. some of the stages were made so you won't win umless you use the power ups, especially those with the freezing tiles.. Nice puzzles games.

Nice game. Amazing . Cell: ARGH!!!. Good . good.

Awesome. I like bewitching mahjong.. I love love this game a hole lot influenced I think you should make another one like this. It's a fun suggestion to make it 5 stars take off the pointer that tells you where you have to go all the time.i know what I need to do I don't need a pointer guide so please take it off.if you do I'll change to 5 star.. A PAY TO PLAY!!! VERY HARD TO ADVANCE. BOOSTERS ARE EXPENSIVE. ONLY 5 LIVES. TILES SMALL. IT'S SET UP FOR BOOSTERS. PROGRAMMED INDEED. UNINSTALLING..AT LEVEL 34, SO FAR USED 40 LIVES, ALL MY BOOSTERS AND NO WIN. REPEAT HANDS. GET 1 TYPE OF HAND WHEN USING BOOSTERS, ANOTHER REPEATED HAND WHEN I DON'T USE ONE. GET NEAR THE END, NO MORE PLAYS. I REFUSE TO SPEND REAL MONEY FOR SO, SO LITTLE IN RETURN. TIMES ARE TOUGH, THINGS COSTLY. BUYER BEWARE AS APP IS PROGRAMMED TO KILL YOU AT LEVEL 34. .

At first I liked the game. I still do, but it has a few issues. As it progressed and got harder you could either play the same level over and over (frustrating) or pay for extras (costly). I do appreciate that you can earn coins and things too but it takes way more than what you get. Its a fun game, but be prepared to pay to play.. love this game it relax me. Good game, thank you. It's Fun Too Play This Game . Fun game. Am stuck on a level and can't win.

I enjoy this game but I am stuck on level 109 have tried everything to break last block. Help. I am now waiting for further updates. Hurry please.. Good but have been waiting for ages on new levels being added. When the game works it is brilliant, having an issue downloading the update so now I can't connect to the server.. Love how hard the levels are and has great rewards. Great game. No Ads and don't need money to play. Good story and tasks..

I love it. Would be fun if it didn't freeze up. For some reason, it freezes rather than let me use my power-ups. Uninstalling. Says it is checking for updates but then it won't connect to server but my other games have no problem connecting. fun game, easy to play. good so far.

Omg another addictive game . lovely relaxing game of an old classic, modern touch and storyline . I'm new, so far its agreat game. thank you. Challenging without being frustrating. The game being new, there are some little bugs, like having to restart because it doesn't let you change the design and some minor misspellings, but cute story and actually relaxing game. good.

Won't allow me to play. Says connection failed when I know that's rubbish. Great to games. excellent really enjoying this game . Won't connect to server.

Enjoyed playing the game but ran out of levels to play. I liked what I played but I would have liked a little bit more as I was enjoying the game .. fun, no glitches, easy on the ads.. It was a good game. Now am waiting for somemore levels. When will that be I did give 5 stars.. I like it.

I don't understand why the board can't just reshuffle when there's no matches like other match games. Or why I can't just use the hammer.. Nice game but no incentive to keep playing. No daily bonus or anything. it is great fun. really good games fast moving. Love the game the story is great. Task's not that hard. Graphics brilliant..

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