Bid Wars 1: Auction Simulator 2.60.7

Updated on June 25, 2024

Name Bid Wars 1: Auction Simulator
Publisher By Aliens L.L.C - F.Z
Category Game New
Version 2.60.7
Price FREE
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It’s time to get seriously rich and rise with the help of this exciting and interesting game. You can download Bid Wars – auctions for Android and start earning big money. Show everyone what a risk taker you are at auctions. Win a huge jackpot and become the richest. You will need to try to outwit your competitors and acquire the most profitable auction faster than them. You can win crazy bonuses for auctions and make a lot of profits. Use your own cunning and intuition to reach high rewards.

If you can download Bid Wars – auctions for Android, you will get access to new features and capabilities: Unique gameplay in multiplayer mode; More than three hundred original and amazing items that can be found, won or sold; Rare legendary collection of items and tools ;Casino game mode;Beautiful graphics;Fun online auctions, during which you can earn a lot of money;Manage your own garage.Interactive auctions Dive into the exciting world of auctions and real-time game modes. Try to win as many rare and exclusive items as possible at an online auction, and then add them to your collection to seriously get rich. Make crazy profits and you may be considered a legend. Sell ​​the remaining items through your garage to empty it for new items. Meet the best players and they will be able to teach you a lot. Playing in such an auction will be very simple and accessible. Travel through various cities and find new legendary items there. Upgrade your warehouse and garage to accommodate even more items.

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