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Bid Wars Stars is an exciting garage wars on the screen of your mobile phone. In locked storage chambers, sometimes something very valuable can come across. Here you have a chance to get a real treasure at the auction, but it is also easy to stumble upon garbage here. The outcome of the auction and the final profit from the sale of the items received will depend on your intuition and experience. Train at low stakes, buy valuable items cheaply and get a solid profit from them. And when you’re ready, you can get involved in serious auctions, where there is a chance to stumble upon something unique and very expensive.

Bid Wars Stars – Multiplayer Auctions
 Redeem Codes (2022 December) 1.18.3
All Codes Expiration date
SKQ7GTIHN2R December 29, 2022
IDKHNPYWOX December 27, 2022
RUG74N9LZ January 9, 2023
P8YR9O67FJM January 19, 2023
19MGXU806N37 January 2, 2023
1CND8I6HTU2 January 13, 2023
9H3QRZ1SP52 November 26, 2022
XOZSWC8AIH December 17, 2022
MLY5H4OQT November 21, 2022
8N7H3DBJ9PF December 5, 2022
ER6SG1V4NXD9 November 22, 2022
EH0G4FWSZ5K December 19, 2022

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