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For all lovers of quiet games, where no one shoots and tries to enslave you, and also does not require food or pizza delivery from you, there is a good offer – Bid Wars – Storage Auctions. Gambling people get a discount. Because this is the real auction of abandoned property.

Bid Wars: Storage Auctions Codes Wiki (2024 February) 2.59.1

m2b5gIrRxxx Get Codes

List of Codes WikiExpiration date
1DMCKL23JH0September 13, 2022
2OXJZDUPR7October 7, 2022
9YOW64ITBSeptember 25, 2022
2XFAMCZ6OQ0October 2, 2022
A2Z5CQLB0FUGSeptember 16, 2022
XE4J2BL7MCKOctober 6, 2022

Welcome to the auction, where the contents of abandoned boxes will be exhibited. The most important weapon in this game for you will be your own intuition. Because as soon as she can tell you if you can sell the contents of the box for more than you bought.

Participate in auctions, be careful and choose only the best. Open the card and select the auction you want to participate in and start gambling that requires a cold and calculating mind. A couple of seconds to see all the contents and the auction has already begun. No one will wait for you to make a decision, after raising the bet there are only 4 seconds, after which the winner is determined if the rates were not raised higher.

Visit as many auctions as possible, develop your intuition and gradually increase your fame among other hunters for easy and profitable prey. The higher your reputation and fame, the more likely you are to be invited to large or even closed auctions, where there really is something to profit from.

Download ( V2.59.1 )
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