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Black Survival is a very cool strategy game drawn in an amazing anime graphic style. Participate in battles every day and recruit a huge number of heroes with superpowers to your team.

Black Survival
 Codes  (2022 December) 11.2.00
All Codes Expiration date
JODMC40ET6P October 16, 2022
C91BDQKJL0 October 12, 2022
RMDN508XF October 9, 2022
CLKXNDFZO96 October 18, 2022
XV5F60A1T7G8 November 14, 2022
XOT1YZE4VPJ November 2, 2022
3YDK6N5BF0A November 21, 2022
SIWGL2JVBD October 6, 2022
XJR3B5Y41 November 14, 2022
A102GLM7H9Y October 4, 2022
64S7O51J9UIK November 10, 2022
KCJBQZ60MLV November 3, 2022

Get to know the new game rules and survival process. Here, at each next level, up to a dozen people meet, representing their original heroes. They all land on a huge uninhabited island and will be ready to start the adventure as soon as possible. Everyone participating in Black Survival must try to overcome any type of challenge and survive in this strange and mysterious place. Connect to the multiplayer game mode and start your first battle. About twenty minutes will be available to the player to participate in survival fights. The huge islands of this thrilling adventure are divided into 22 diverse areas, each with its own unique atmosphere. Each district that operates here represents something, such as a forest thicket, a hospital town, or places of entertainment. As time runs out in Black Survival, each of these accessible areas will become very dangerous, and the zone will become much smaller. Black Survival – strategy with anime characters The main character will be able to choose any of the available heroes. At this stage, more than thirty of them have been selected, and each of them has a set of personal characteristics and data. For example, participants in the Black Survival gameplay will be able to choose characters such as an actress, surgeon, cook, or students. Equip each of them with weapons, because a huge arsenal of pistols or even a bow is available for this. Naturally, since this is a strategy, it means that it is impossible to do without your own tactics here, and it should be as effective as possible.

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