Codes New - Updated on December 26, 2022

Blade Crafter 2 is the continuation of the popular version of the game, which has been played by more than a million users from all over the world. Therefore, the developers decided to please everyone with a new edition.

Blade Crafter 2
 Gift Codes (2023 February) 2.53
All Codes Expiration date
PXQDV4EAWO2 January 20, 2023
93KZOFYQ5L January 16, 2023
AQF6Y8NBZ January 3, 2023
RWU1K60HSD8 February 19, 2023
IQBT406YHAPD January 15, 2023
DFEQUKXA5MC February 4, 2023
M2EOK1CDRHT January 26, 2023
BCRFO6L9AU January 4, 2023
I1AJ986CX January 28, 2023
MDIHNPE1ALG January 9, 2023
FOM8U4JE9P0A February 12, 2023
AYVLG4C82M1 January 27, 2023

See how seriously the world of these fights has changed. Now you have an updated automatic game where you will need to show your skills from the first part and face completely new heroes. Move forward and capture new points. Blade Crafter 2 will be a favorite pastime for a long time and it doesn’t require any mega skills. Peculiarities:

  • Achievements, rating and competition mode;
  • More than a hundred relevant and interesting tasks;
  • Touch the screen and perform an action;
  • Change weapons and upgrade your heroes.

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