- Updated on September 13, 2022

The plot of Blade Idle is unique and cohesive. The story follows the many herbalists who discovered secrets, techniques, and methods of attracting attention. And since then has turned his life into a journey. And among many wonderful landmarks throughout the course of history before that. A rewritten information about the discovery of an odd sword. And become a hero that gives hope to mankind.

As a result, the herbalist picked up the mysterious sword. Until the strategy of turning right into a hero resounded everywhere. It was a long course with many arduous challenges. The job is to grow to be a hero with heavy duty on his shoulders. It is by no means a simple matter to do in a day or two. That is the explanation of the teaching journey born.

Blade Idle

Vertical display

The vertical display makes it easier for the phone to play. Alternative to participating in horizontal rotation and difficult-to-grasp hand operation. Then right here, the vertical display can also be quite simple to try. In addition, this key attribute is of great help to potential customers. As an example, provide an even more enjoyable experience. Can crawl your entire battle.

Style play

An attribute containing extremely high aesthetics. Gamers are free to choose the outfit they want. Inside the game store, where there are quite a few teowj support items. You can earn money and do quests. To receive rewards along with salary for this. At this level, you can dress up as needed. Helps improve character’s confidence.

Auto combat

Due to its idleness, potential customers may experience it as rather idle. Surely you might not want to be exposed to such a large number in a battle. The entire Blade Idle has a system to automatically help you with everything. Just click the auto button in the main interface. Then the prospect can succeed to witness spectacular battles. And the rewards aren’t all that different from using your arm right away.

Download ( V1.10.0 )
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