Codes New - Updated on December 28, 2022

Blade&Soul: Revolution is a great RPG with a huge open world and breathtaking adventure. With the help of the Wind Walk you will be able to fly through the sky, admiring the high-quality work of the project’s artists – large-scale three-dimensional landscapes will not leave anyone indifferent. The intricacies of the storyline from the very first minutes of the game will drag you into its wonderful world. Choose a character depending on your preferred fighting style, develop his skills and send him to fight other players for epic victories.

All Codes Expiration date
JMKIBCU40ZF January 18, 2023
17NHGKTELA January 29, 2023
LADUMCN54 February 10, 2023
8HENK4IO0VR February 20, 2023
RWDM78BZY1AK January 28, 2023
JLED435KMRQ January 12, 2023
Z7129AEUOXB January 4, 2023
PITCVENXJ4 February 16, 2023
DK1S73WL9 January 1, 2023
SH8J0AYPGCX January 4, 2023
U8F5VTCAJR6M January 17, 2023
OZ8XDE1CBFK February 9, 2023

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