APK - Updated on January 25, 2023

Logic game Block Puzzle Classic Plus resembles Tetris familiar to all ages. Only in that game there was less freedom of action. There, multi-colored blocks fell down, and it was necessary to have time to combine them with a similar block, so that as a result they would evaporate from the playing field. The speed was immediately low, and the players usually had time to deal with the falling blocks. But in the next levels, the speed increased, and the tasks of combining blocks had to be solved very quickly, since the playing field was cluttered with blocks, and as a result, the game ended.

Block Puzzle Classic Plus  MOD APK (Unlocked) 1.3.10

Block Puzzle Classic Plus differs from Tetris in that you have the ability to move the blocks yourself, while not worrying about time at all. Here you need to fill a column or a row with blocks. Remember that they cannot be turned over here. When the blocks are stacked correctly, the combined shape becomes transparent and you get a point.

Do not hurry! Consider each step, because by cluttering the playing field, you logically come to the end of the game. Download the puzzle to your phone or and take its rightful place in the standings!

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