APK - Updated on January 24, 2023

The dynamic arcade game Block Tank Wars 2 is based on the first part of Block Tank Wars. The graphics and gameplay have been improved here, and the 62nd level has been improved, which is why the game definitely only got better. In addition, players are given the opportunity to improve the characteristics of their chosen combat vehicles. Now the tanks can be rearmed at your discretion.

Block Tank Wars 2  MOD APK (Latest Version) 2.3

What else has become better – skills and bonuses have been added, which were previously so lacking. The game developers have listened to the wishes of the players, and a lot has been fixed and improved. So, if before the tanks had blurry outlines, now they look more believable. There are seven types of combat vehicles to choose from. There are more than seven dozen missions in the game – there is where to show the skill of a tanker! The skill system adds additional options when conducting combat. The more powerful the tank, the more game money is needed for it. So, from level to level, you need to earn game capital.

The main thing is to be on the alert all the time, and not give the opponent the opportunity to strike first. Better yet, of course, attack yourself. But there are situations from which it is wiser to flee, wait until the danger has passed, and later shoot at the enemy yourself. Move your tank from location to location, do it a few seconds faster than your opponent, and victory will be yours!

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