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Blocks of Doom is the largest and most complete collection of exciting and interesting 3D mini-games. A lot of time has been spent on creating games so that now both children and even adults can enjoy them.

Blocks of Doom
  MOD APK (Unlocked Everything) 1.4.60

Players can venture into a mysterious laboratory run by the most insidious and evil scientist named Rock. Here, every day he tries to teach new heroes everything that he knows himself, and he dreams of creating the perfect successor for himself. Then, together in Blocks of Rock, they will be able to capture this world and make it only their own. Then every child will know who Rock is and why he is dangerous. This scientist is really very crazy, because with his brilliant ideas he can easily cross both a crocodile and a fly at the same time, and as a result he will get a crocodile. All the monsters living in his laboratory do not yet exist in reality, but absolutely everything is possible here. Every day at Blokki Doom, he crosses several varieties of animals and is happy to get a completely new one. You, as his assistant, will also need to look for ideal combinations of several types in order to possibly create the coolest and most dangerous monster. Moreover, each view you create will have its own mini-game. It’s an exciting creative process Blocks of Doom The mini-games lab is the largest place to create new hybrids every day and carry out the evolution of species. Cross absolutely any living species of insects, fish, birds or animals to get a hybrid as a result. After they are born, Blocks of Doom will really make an escape and overcome many obstacles. So your new species will gain new skills and pass the test. Even after they replenish your collection, you should not forget about their improvement and level increase. The collection may include both rare and epic species.

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