APK - Updated on January 19, 2023

A unique game that will test your survival skills and driving skills like a real street racer.

Blocky Town Craft: Survival  MOD APK (Unlimited Gold) 2.1

During the game, you get into a blocky city that is literally teeming with zombies. And all you have is a high-speed car that will help you destroy the zombies and completely free the city from them.

The car can be improved by driving into the garage. Blocky Town Craft: Survival is an exciting game that will impress any fan of speed and battles.

Blocky Town Craft: Survival features a large blocky city and two smaller areas. At every step you will meet vicious zombies. Your goal is to destroy as many as possible, otherwise the zombies will destroy you.

Additions and design of the game make it even more interesting. The car is controlled from a third person, and to improve the car, you need to collect coins, which can then be exchanged for the necessary crafts in the garage. The game features realistic graphics and physics, so if your car is suddenly stuck and zombies are already approaching you, hurry up to call a tow truck to get out of this ill-fated place as soon as possible.

The combination of racing and zombie hunting has already made Blocky Town Craft: Survival one of the most popular games. Join and you, and help as soon as possible to destroy all the zombies in the city.

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