News - Updated on May 18, 2022

Ring of gossip around the series Silent Hill continues to shrink. Insiders are increasingly saying that Konami is going to resurrect the franchise on a grand scale by releasing several fresh games at once. And now the head of the Polish Studio Bloober teamappearing in rumors, answered the reporter’s question suspiciously vaguely.

According to unconfirmed information, Blooberwhich you may know from horror Layers of Fear, Blair Witch and The Mediumpreparing a remake Silent Hill 2. At the Digital Dragons game conference in Poland, an IGN staff member spoke with studio CEO Piotr Babieno. He did not confirm, but did not deny the gossip:

We can’t comment on anything we do, as we value our relationships with partners, of course. <…> We will announce our future projects as soon as we can. And then you will know much more. Officially.

As the journalist noted, Babeno chuckled at the word “officially”. Well, why not a hint?

It was previously known that Bloober develops two games: one – together with Konamiand the other – with the publisher Private Division. In a new interview, the director also mentioned the third project – it is in the pre-production stage.

But back to Silent Hill! If the Poles are poring over a remake of the second part, then you should not expect a verbatim quotation of the original – this is evidenced by the following words of Babeno:

I would say that it is difficult to work with someone who [принадлежит IP, над которым ты трудишься], but we always say to license holders: “Guys, we want to use your license, but tell our story.” If we can’t tell our story, if we don’t have creative freedom, then it doesn’t make any sense, because Bloober Team won’t make a great game. If you’re in jail, you can’t fly. That’s why we try [создавать] only those games with which we understand: “Okay, this will be a game in the style Bloober Teamand not anyone else.” So even the project that we cannot talk about will be a game in the style Bloober Team.

However, the CEO’s response can be interpreted as follows: the project from Bloober – not a remake SH2rather a brand new part of the franchise. If, of course, we are talking about Silent Hill.

Finally, Babeno talked about what kind of games his team intends to create. Looks like previous work Bloober were about the plot and atmosphere, and not about the gameplay. In the future, the developers would like to continue to tell interesting stories, but with richer gameplay. Now the studio is ready to produce projects in the spirit of hellbladeassured the CEO.

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