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Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night – New DLC “Character Pack: Chilly” and “Boss Revenge Mode” are coming! The epic battle is about to begin! Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is the FULL recreation experience, a Gothic, exploration-focused side-scrolling movement RPG by Koji Igarashi, packing the complete best choices you’ve come to know and love from the Metroidvania model proper right into a single, content-packed recreation.

Play as Miriam, an orphan scarred by an alchemist’s curse that slowly crystallizes her physique. Battle by using a demon-infested fort and defeat its grasp to keep away from losing yourself and all of humanity!

Bloodstained RotN Mod APK '1.34'

Game runs nice and smooth so far. I love playing it.. controls are difficult on phone but that's all mobile joysticks and such. well done.. I played this game on my friends phone and fell in love with it so I've decided to get it myself,BUT, every time I start the game it kicks me out to the app screen,it doesn't even get past the NetEase Games logo, I'm sure that I'm not the only person with this problem.... the game are fun but i cant go to undergound place. It's real game on mobile, what's is rare nowadays.. The game is great but the controls are F'ed up and it crashes often....I've been waiting for weeks from the developers to fix the bug to the room where i need to fight zangetsu, everytime i get into the room the game crashes... It's a complete waste of money if you can't finish the game... Please fix this problems then I'll rate this game 5 stars.

the game is wonderful.. give you the same experience of castlevania . When this first released on mobile it was pretty poor. Revisiting it after a couple updates it's pretty solid now and game is very beautiful playing with epic graphics.. It was great but when you get to the oriental sorcery lab there is a room which the game would crash. Hope you would fix this. Thank you. Game Crashes every 2 to 10 minutes. Extremely Laggy even on the lowest settings. You won't get a refund. Stick with PC.. Please give us the Randomizer Mode! It's been out in PC and other platforms for a long time now yet Mobile Version is left out. It's the best feature I love, more than any other DLC. Please put it in the game! And pls fix the mobile port. The frame-drops' making the game experience bad..

the 3rd time I've bought this game I have it on Xbox switch now my phone amazing game one of my favorites. Works fine on a S21. Can't modify settings in pause menu or the title screen with a gamepad. Also Doesn't work on with Samsung Dex since you have to touch the screen to enter the title screen. The game is great, but needs a some fix due to lag when entering a new area. I hope that it gets an update soon.. Good game but the port is a bit shoddy. Sometimes crashes when starting up, has inconsistent laggy loading between screens, and there are some graphical artifacts that look off. Music is phenomenal. Overall the game is playable, but there are better ways to play this game. I do like having it on the go though.. Would not load..

some people says there is a huge bug and preventing you to enter in lower half of the map.... I have a Zfold 4 and everytime I open the game it crashes at the Netease logo. Fix this and I will give more stars. Love the game and would love to play again.. Can't pass the loading room after the train station so I can't advance in the game( other locations as well) really like the game didn't have this issue at game release day. I'm a little disappointed now. I just yesterday was playing, now everytime I try to launch the app it automatically boots me out. It's unplayable for me now on my S20 Ultra. Please fix? I really love this game... A Superb Masterpiece my only issue is this should have actual google achievments crashing again.

Amazing Indie game!. Great game bad controls. You sometimes get stuck in places. Jumping is horrible. And now I'm stuck on livre ex machina. The controls to slide the bookcase don't work like the book tells you. So I'm stuck until I can get it to tilt. Pretty lame. A little work could make this game exceptional on phone port. A nice port of Bs:rotn but needs to be updated to the current and latest version.. Hey you guys fix this please, controller doesn't work on menu only start and select?. Love the game but it crashes now everytime I try to open the game I'm playing on a zfold 3 running android 12.

Edit: Game now crashes every time I use an equipment shortcut. It worked fine before and now, suddenly, I can't use this feature. Will correct rating when fixed. Only gripe was that you couldn't customise controls and now you've provided a great level of customisation. Thanks guys and can't wait for the rest of the content :). The games works ok the on screen buttons do disappear when using a controller but the pacing is so slow quit it after fifteen minutes. it seems to run good but I wish there was a way to remove the touch control interface or bind controller buttons. Game works well, the textures are a little blurry on big screen devices like tablets, but problem is that is has no cloud saves, so you can't share progress between devices. Why its this so lag games and why i dont go in undergroud this is so insane games please back my money.

I would give 5 stars if you could just make it have full controller support, and give the option to remove on screen controls. its a great game but I only use touch controls if I have to, and there is no reason for the screen buttons to be there with a controller connected. great game but doesn't work anymore it will not play on my s22ultra, crashes before the title screen. Slowmotion game speed and not proper jump button responding . Verry stressful , until it get fixed , only 1 star because it don't deserve more since it makes it unpleasent. I bought your game and it doesn't even work either fix this or give me a refund! It only loads the netease logo then fails!!!!!. Apk is bug.cant access to the lower half of the castle,hope you'll fix it soon. for me to be able to continue my save progress.thanks.

Paid, fully downloaded but cannot connect?? I have good 3mbps connection and it is blank screen after reinstall 3x times??? Is this a new SCAM???. Keeps crashing as soon as I open the app. The games is good. But i hope the devolper update this game. Like the pc and console with aurora as playable character and the new map. Would definitely give 5 stars if they do. Also i see on other comments about not being able to go underground.... I never had that problem. Maybe they never bought the game and just use apks that are downloaded on net.. I love this game, but lately the game instantly crashes after it loads. Uninstalling and reinstalling hasnt worked.. I give it four stars, since it is a minus for not having full controller support. It is quite a hassle using the touch screen for menus etc. The game is a pretty good port. I have both this and the pc version. Bloodstained is a love letter from Iga to Igavania fans. If this had full controller support, I would have given this a 5..

1/12/22the game runs great on my galaxy note ultra 20 sometimes my weapon goes right through the enemy with no damage detected but other than that I have no other issues and complaints and I see there is a way to make the onscreen buttons dissappear completely when I use my Xbox series X controller. I haven't played this in a while, so when I loaded the app, it kept crashing on the netease screen. Edit 2/6/2022.I uninstalled the app, and now I'm in the process of reinstalling it I hope it plays. Great game, but expect your phone may find a bug and progression from that point is impossible. There not gonna rewrite the code just because it doesn't work on phones under a certain quality. Just something to think of before you give up $10. Great Game, also nice port on Android. But the controller support is awful. It works, but you can't just turn off the on screen controls. You can move them in a corner and set transparency to 10% to make them almost invisible. You can play with controller, but menus have to be controlled with touch. The experience was so much better on PC with controller, but overall a great game for this price. 5 stars if they update the controller support.. The game crash on startup. Why?. Please update the game and add randomizer. Please.

I paid for this!! Not working on s20 android 12, it doesn't even start, it crashes right after the logo.... There is a major issue in this Split APK Installer(SAI) version of the game where you cannot access the lower half of the Castle through the Lab past the train stage and the caves underneath the castle. I don't recommend playing this game until the bug is fixed because it will just stop your progress through the game. This is a known issue even from external forum sites so be warned. Uninstalled it and will reinstall again if a fix is issued. EDIT: Just buy the Steam version for PC. Nuf said.. Unplayable on Samsung S21 ultra, crashes on loading screen.. Crashed on my samsung a51 android 12. Please fix. Game doesn't even start.

only if you could equip a main weapon and a secondary weapon, even if you could switch weapons in the main slot between two options without going to menu! otherwise d#@& good game!. I have to update my rating from a 5 to 1. This game used to work perfectly on my Note 20 Ultra 5G but apparently sometime ago... maybe after updating from Android 11 to Android 12 the game no longer launches. Just a black screen and a crash when I tap the icon to launch. Reinstalling doesn't fix it. That is completely unacceptable and it's been broken for months! What is going on get your act together and fix it!. Do not buy until bugs are fixed. Game breaking bug at Oriental Sorcery Lab, cannot finish the game. Don't buy. Don't buy.. No issues here. Everything is great! Worth the purchase!. I like this game very much. I would give five stars if the on screen controls had the choice to be invisible..

This is one of the single greatest Castlevania style games to ever be made. And it's even great ported to Android. SO UPDATE THE DAMN GAME SO ITS PLAYABLE AGAIN. YOU HAVE A LITERAL GAME BREAKING BUG RENDERING THE ENTIRE UNDERGROUND AREA INACCESSIBLE. FIX IT!. Good game, needs to be optimized for controllers like kishi and ability to remove on screen controls, then I would rate much higher, also menus do not work with controller.. Pls 60 fps lag pls update samsung galaxy s10. Its a blast. A great successor to the start of the Metroidvania style gaming genre. Its 5/5 stars for being Castlevania Symphony of the Night while adding fresh new mechanics that are well improved upon from the gaming days of yore that Symphony Started.. Amazing game.

After first boss black screen ! Resolve this problem please!!! The repair button and restarting doesn't give a result!. Game breaking glitch right by the end in sorcery lab. Plz fix love the game. I'm dying here. Love SotN? Buy this game.. Crash on oriental lab map, cant continue the game, cant refund, scammed by dev. Can't progress through some doors can't play anymore so sad.

we are blessed to have this game. please make a sequel!!!!. it's good but the graphics lack improvement. Other than that the games great. can you fix login google play cant login. The app crashes a few seconds after startup on my android tablet.. It's a fantastic game and generally a great version off of the consoles and PC. However besides being short of DLCs, the controls suffer from being on a tablet, being floaty and somewhat unresponsive. This doesn't matter for the OP Miriam who can eventually brute force her way by grinding but really makes things difficult for others, especially if you are using Bloodless who already has a high difficulty curve. Also remember to adjust your graphics which start at low as default..

I'm sorry I didn't want to be that person because I did like what I tried to play..but this game is very very laggy-even after you lower the resolution it continues like so. Unfortunately don't waste 11$.. The reason why the path to the underground is blocked is because of not purchasing the game. .now, i purchased it, everything resolved. .awesome game. .but i hope the dev will fix the issue of lags when switching rooms. .also the game freezes when trying to upload to the cloud. .edit: its been a year since the last update. .hope devs will update this game them ill download it agian. .. Wth failed to verify package...? Fix your game or ill refund lol. I can't get under the castle entrance. Which means I can't continue the game. If fixed I will update review.. Crashed on startup..

CANT OPEN THE GAME AT ALL. Game crash at the Oriental sorcery lab. Can't reach the boss.. Plays flawless on my Galaxy Fold 3. I'm even able to play without a controller. However I feel the touchscreen controls are harder to learn than a controller would be.. Love the game but this port is aweful, to top it all off after 10 hours into the game the game crashes when you i about to reach the end of the game.... we need updates.... Doesn't even open. Quite disappointing, from a galaxy note 20 ultra..

Has gamepad support but not fully optimized. Game crashes everytime I try to go to the first boss. Game unplayable. Game crashes as soon as I open it. The touch controls makes this game barely playable, especially while jumping. This game is also out on consoles to where all the updates are going. The developers totally abandoned the mobile version.. Nice. Can u please make this game fully physical controller capable, like Castlevania: Symphony of the Night? And also add an option to get rid of the on screen controller and buttons if using a physical controller. And lastly, when using a physical controller attack should be square(PS4 Controller) and jump should be the X button. Please fix this, thanks! Fix that and it's all good!.

This is amazing it only gets better.. App crashes. Is this some kind of joke I can't even get past the loading screen without it crashing if I could give zero stars I would. Great port, the touchscreen is a little weird but work fine, the backdash works like the others version but please fix the whip because the hitbox is mess up. Is there any updates?.

Poorly optimized.. Sh*tty adaptation. Barely any controller support and no way to get rid of touch controls. It's not like the game is available elsewhere with gamepad support I guess.... I can't get entar a few place like underground lab and a lot place I don't what the problems...and download content I can't downloaded.... I'm biased. This in its original form is the best classic Metroidvania love letter to the one and only symphony of the night. Put over 150 hours in beat it 5 times. And still keep playing get passed touch controls or have a controller that you've mapped properly and it's perfect. Not for the people in for some quick fun. True fandom lies here.. Please Fix The Main Problem i cannot access thru the lower part of the castle and cannot log-in to the dlc page, Thank You.

S7+ Samsung Tablet (2021 model). Installs, does not run. Refunded. Will buy immediately if this is resolved.. Poor port. Laggy and low frame rate even on a high end device.. a waste of money. not really designed for mobile.. love this game!. Great game.

Works for a bit then crashes and requires phone reboot to work again. Rinse and repeat. I wanted to support the devs, but this was a pisspoor port. Note 10+. bought and played blood stain on PC, glad to see a mobile port of it! it's a minor graphic issues, but the play style is the same. worth 10 bucks in my opinion!. Please fix bug on oriental sorcery lab, when entering the room to encounter zangetsu again the game crashing. Please fix it, this game is good.. Excellent game, but you can't hide the on screen controls and Bluetooth controller support doesn't apply to menus and can't be customized. The on screen controls ruin the game for me, too distracting, very disappointing.. The game crashes at start. Bad controller support as you still have to tap the screen for most things including the setting menus. Has Igarashi tried this at all? Yall f'd this game up on android. The ui and design doesnt feel anywhere near as good as the consoles and pc..

Latest update has a game breaking bug. Just pirate ver 1.28. These guys have obviously abandonded the android port. No new character, controls are still broken, game is broken. Please fix those mentioned problem. I just bought it and I can't continue the story,, I stuck when i go to forbidden waterground underway,, what a shame on dev. Very pleased with the game, but I am expecting a strange glitch with the Oracle Blade, depending on where I am in the castle I get a different flight trajectory when I attack with Oracle Blade. When in the starting area of the game the weapon is flying in a straight line, but if I'm in the high part of the map like Oriental sorcery lab the blade is flying from below the feet of player model and the hitbox for the weapon follows the same path. Similar glitch appears in lower parts of the map.. The game will not start up on the s21 ultra. It crashes when I attempt to open it, very disappointed..

Doesn't start for me. Just kept crashing immediately.. if you only played a console version long enough to want to try it out further, then it seems good so far, but i still like my console version better 🙂 , but to each their own :). Absolutely love this game! played the console version, and adored it! was hesitant about a mobile port, but it actually plays, and looks very well. I'm impressed, and highly recommend it for all the old school Castlevania fans of the era, like Symphony of the Night.. Good game but it's have a bug that half of the game can't access. After the train there's a door that cant let you pass & sruck there. I PAID FOR EVERY SINGLE DLC AND THIS GAME. IT SAYS THAT I HAVE TO PAY AGAIN FOR IGA BACKPACK WHEN ALL OTHERS ARE AVAILABLE. ITS BEEN MONTHS AND I HAVE RECEIVED NO RESPONSE FROM DEVELOPERS..

As soon as I load a new game, I can't play. Literally. Please fix this issue, I want to play the game. I just bought it, and it's painful to see that I can't play it.. Sound quality is trash, port is just terrible. If you are going to port it to an android device, downgrade it to run smoother rather than a standard my S8 tablet can't do. This game can't run on Android 12. The ge is great but the touch control is very bad,and not fully support joystick.. Some graphical compromises were made to get this to run on Android but I have had a blast playing this using my Razer Kishi controller and a Note 20 Ultra. I get console vibes! This game can use some refinements but I commend the developer for porting it over in the first place. I highly recommend this game..

Game keeps crashing whenever I try to open it. Uninstalled & reinstalled, didn't do anything.... Reminds me of sotn. Cant enter kingdom crossover . Please fix the problem asap.. I was playing the game earlier just fine, but now, it keeps crashing, and also won't let me log in to see the DLC.. A little laggy in highest level of graphics and lowest level of graphics. Better controller support would be nice. Also I would like to see better touch controllers so like when i press the jump button I can slide my finger to an attack button so i can attack in the air easily. instead of lifting my finger to press attack. Also missing some DLC and btw most of the DLC is free except for 1 for those that are thinking of buying this game. Also it crashes once and while so save often..

Awesome game. The port is a bit iffy at times in terms of optimization but it's still a really great game overall.. Stuck cant open door in every underground (entrance, garden of silence and bridge of evil) this sad game useless pay if you can't play it and can't explored it... Great game, thank you.. It hurts me to rate this game 1 star, but I'm hoping enough of these will get through to the devs. Game breaking bug almost 3/4 of the way into the game if you happen to be on Android 12. I tested two different Android 12 phones (pixel 6, galaxy s20fe) and had exactly the same crash. Oriental sorcery lab, the room with the shutters. Game hard crashes to home screen every time. Been this way for months and months. If they ever update I'll change my review, because the game itself is great.. Please fix the control lag. When playing the game for an hour the controls starts to have lag input. Optimization is needed. Thank you..

Does not work. Google won't give a refund buyer beware. its like castlevania sotn i like this. DO NOT BUY! 100% BROKEN AND ABANDONED PORT! Great game that suffers from bugs and the developer seems to have abandoned it. Patches needed please. Fix the broken jump button at the very least. -edit- Can't even open the game now. Says the game is waiting for wifi to download a big file for the game. My wifi is working. No updates in my que. Uninstalled/reinstalled. Googleplay doesn't save progress or allow switching devices. Game is unplayable! Will change rating if it ever gets fixed.. Could have been fun, except that the binding of the account returns a 403 error, no customizations for controllers like my DS4 controller and the minimap of all things is glitched to be invisible. Wish they can fix this.. Bloodstained is an excellent game, this mobile port is almost perfect and it runs decently on my phone. But it needs full gamepad support, as of this review touchscreen controls are still visible when you use a gamepad and menus can only be controlled using touchscreen. Also the game crashes if the gamepad gets disconnected. This version is still missing the classic mode update..

good. The game keep crashing at begin. For Poco f3.. Very good game. gooog game. The controls are a bit laggy but overall it's excellent.

amazing game,, but movement a bit difficult. This makes me sad . It keeps crashing on the netease logo fix it or refund my money.. Awesome game. Since galaxy s21 updated the game doesnt even launch broken from 1st click of game load up. I like the game, but the on screen controls are difficult to use with accuracy. The port of this game is excellent, but compatibility with bluetooth controllers would be very useful..

Game breaking bug about a half hour in, maybe less. There is a drawbridge wlthat you lower by flipping a switch, but you can elect to pass under the drawbridge and continue going right. A few screens over there will be another exit to the right which the map indicates is a room transition, but when you try to go through it you hit an invisible wall. Waited a long time to play this game, and really want to get the full experience, even if it is gained by playing an inferior android port.. excellent. Best game on mobile. Controls are a little touchy but works about as well as the mobile version of Castlevania SOTN.. nice.

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