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A unique game in which you can become a biker and develop your gang. When you can download Bloody Roads, California for Android, you will have the opportunity to create your own club of bikers, so that later you can ride along the roads of California and engage in battles with other gangs. Now you can become the king of the roads along with the rest of the bikers. Take to the road and join the battle for the title of the best. Epic shootouts and shooters for power around the world are waiting for you. Use your unique strategy and tactics to gain an edge over other bikers and develop on a massive scale.

Bloody Roads, California
 Gift Codes (2023 January)
All Codes Expiration date
CR9VJUY2BOL December 17, 2022
8DTSYQUWNF January 18, 2023
TSNR7Y852 February 4, 2023
A304KWTYUBJ January 27, 2023
O9EHZ4FIDTYQ February 7, 2023
42J7TUZ8PAX January 18, 2023
ZEOQL82XDG4 February 4, 2023
H3OPAYSDWT December 29, 2022
05ZMOP38D February 9, 2023
FHOE59U8W1Y January 3, 2023
KIJVLO6ZYTEX January 20, 2023
X7ISAE5LOJP January 20, 2023

Dare to download Bloody Roads, California for Android and get a whole set of benefits:

  • Opportunities to create your own biker club;
  • Battle between dangerous gangs between biker gangs;
  • A huge number of combat units, among which there are helicopters and cars;
  • A huge number of various objects with which you can develop an empire and make a profit;
  • System for business development and training;
  • Multiplayer game mode between bikers around the world.

Criminal online shooter The main character got out of prison and now settled in his past area. Here he decided to engage in criminal activity, for which he created a biker club, which only covered the biker group. A wonderful strong team was assembled, ready to follow in the footsteps of the criminal world. Now they are all waiting for a meeting with other rivals in the battle for new areas and profitable business. Get power over the city, replenish your bank account and grow combat power. The stronger your business gets, the stronger your team needs to be.

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