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One would like to call Bloody Spell the Chinese Dark Souls, although the authors themselves compare the game at a high level of difficulty with the passage of Ninja Gaiden. In any case, it is not easy to survive here, but I really want to – at least to try on the heroine’s next sexy outfit.

Brothers and sisters

However, you can also play as a young man – we ourselves determine the gender and how Yejin will look like. However, there are naturally many more sexy female skins / costumes, and you can spend a lot of time in this menu trying on new dresses and combinations.

Bloody Spell: Overview

You can even run and fight in this form.

But her sister (or his) is determined in advance – her name is Lee. They, along with Yojin, studied martial arts at the Wanfa school for a long time, until 10 years later it was attacked by a mysterious Nether sect worshiping Chaos. Many were killed or captured, including Lee, who, as it turns out, is being sacrificed as a hostage. Therefore, the whole game we are trying to save my sister.

Bloody Spell: Overview

This is one of the main villains. Okay damn!

The story is typical, but the authors try to revive it in different ways. Then we hear in the head of a certain Faceless One, revealing details about what is happening and even helping us move on; then we see a sister who calls us, but turns out to be a phantom; then we meet former comrades-in-arms who accuse us of betrayal and attack us – well, stuff like that. In general, the intrigue and tension in the plot are preserved.

Bloody Spell: Overview

Some unexpected encounters end badly.

In the process, we visit both outdoor locations, where there are many destroyed settlements, and gloomy catacombs, underground prisons and temples. There, in addition to the story path, there are almost always nooks with chests and other bonus goodies, which are not so easy to get to – exploring locations is both useful and interesting. By the way, in addition to the usual ones, there are also especially cool chests – to open them, you need to solve puzzles.

Green chests contain healing orbs.

You can also meet characters offering to try their hand at mini-games – for example, playing thimbles or throwing spears at mice. Useful items will be rewarded. Not without, of course, and without traps, sometimes very insidious.

This is not the hardest part yet.

Our heroine (or hero) cannot get into some places until Faceless turns us into a suitable animal in order to crawl through a small hole in this form or overcome another sophisticated trap.

Bloody Spell: Overview

In the guise of a beast, you can fight.

Bloody battles

But the main entertainment program consists of battles that use the standard set of actions today – normal and enhanced strikes, block and dodge. We fight with different types of melee weapons – there are spears, staves, double blades, swords. And each of them has its own set of combos and techniques that we open for experience points – they accumulate for each weapon as it is used. Thus, we ourselves determine what to use more often and what to upgrade, forming our own style.

Bloody Spell: Overview

Even Guts from Berserk seems to have a smaller sword.

Moreover, the types of weapons really differ from each other – staves, for example, beat in a circle, and huge swords throw opponents to the ground. New blades can be found or bought at special altars, which are sometimes difficult to find. The currency is the bloody spheres that we find in chests or knock out from monsters. Also on sale are armor, all sorts of boots / hats / gloves. And all this equipment is divided into ordinary and rare, which, in addition to improving the main characteristics, also provides additional bonuses.

Bloody Spell: Overview

Special blood crystals allow you to be reborn after death.

Finally, there are also title abilities and blood spells, for which you need to find (or again buy) the corresponding bloodstones. And their use consumes blood energy, which gradually accumulates in battle. Passive abilities increase her reserves, improve her health/defense, make her dodge more effective, or even allow her to dodge automatically when it gets really hot with a certain chance.

Bloody Spell: Overview

It is clear that in such a game there is a photo mode.

Well, spells help to survive – they damage one or more enemies, drain strength from them, heal us, and even allow us to enter a berserk state by spending all our blood on it.

Everything is played cheerfully – especially on “hard”, although there is no time to relax at the normal level of difficulty, especially in fights with bosses, some of which do not even fit on the screen.

Bloody Spell: Overview

Almost according to the classics – a revived statue.

But there are also complaints – the game is frankly buggy from time to time, the graphics as a whole are outdated (they tried only with character models for obvious reasons), and many locations were built according to the “copy-paste” method.

Bloody Spell: Overview

But these bosses can be saddled to scatter other enemies with their help.

Initially, Bloody Spell seemed to me just another fan service game from Asia, intended only for players to stare at the form of a half-naked heroine. But in fact, we got a cheerful and exciting (though not ideal) action/adventure with a good combat system, traps, chests and various leveling options. Well, with a wardrobe of exciting women’s outfits, of course, too.

Pros: addictive gameplay; difficult battles in which you can use a bunch of combos and spells; levels that are interesting to explore; enemies and bosses with different tactics; a lot of costumes and skins for character customization – you can’t take your eyes off.

Cons: glitches; sometimes outdated graphics; many locations are made on the principle of “copy-paste”.

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