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Bloons: Monkey City is a colorful strategy game with a tower defense combat system. Build a monkey city in the rainforest and protect it from the invasion of balloons.

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2PQST8Y1UB0September 21, 2022
0JLXA35MK2September 26, 2022
BAZEJR8OYSeptember 15, 2022
BY2JIKTE4LNAugust 17, 2022
FP8HYSRC6AVJSeptember 5, 2022
N3I0M6SLKRWSeptember 26, 2022

The game is very exciting and funny. As many as 130 buildings are available to improve the city. Get resources and create a metropolis from a very small settlement. Cute and funny monkeys will help you with this. To expand the settlement, new lands are needed, but they will have to fight for them.

Send in reconnaissance monkey landing. Place your wards with darts along the road and attack colorful balloons. Don’t miss any inflatable aggressor! A few fights – and the location belongs to you. In addition, while exploring new territories, you can find one of 11 special combat items that will not only facilitate the battle, but also add drive to it.

Maps will become more difficult, and the balls will accelerate, and the number of them will greatly increase compared to the initial level. Train and upgrade your monkeys to increase their combat abilities. In total, 21 types of warlike monkeys can be unlocked per game. If during the battle you do not like how they are located, just drag any of them to a new place.

Invite your friends to the game and exchange bonuses with them, as well as compete with them for a place in the general game rating.

Download ( V1.12.5 )
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