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Blue Ninja is a cool action game with superheroes and dynamic battles. Fight in a spacious open world and defeat crime to restore order. Run to the park or the street, look for bandits and help civilians. At your disposal is a superhero in a blue suit with a bunch of tricks. His special moves are effective in different situations – combine attacks and you can defeat even the most dangerous villains. High-end graphics and dynamic gameplay will give you a lot of vivid impressions.

blue ninja
 Discount Codes 2022 October 14.9
All Codes Expiration date
VOYCPXI3DQG November 15, 2022
PQ7KZRSFI5 October 21, 2022
LPCQIFT34 October 24, 2022
DP6XRYW2170 October 27, 2022
2LENTXKIAS46 November 27, 2022
5Y6NMXQB1RU November 18, 2022
VXS1RQ9WMJL November 26, 2022
KD726A3Z1V October 21, 2022
B0GXATU1V December 11, 2022
JL3H5RN0P6M October 23, 2022
OWFM6R0KH1PJ November 2, 2022
U098ICQM1HS October 26, 2022

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