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In fact, there are very few really worthwhile arcade puzzles in our time. Basically, they do not give the effect that is needed for fast and clear gaming processes. Therefore, thousands of fans of this genre were glad when the developers of Hyperkani decided to diversify the world of arcade games and created the Bomber Friends application, which can now be downloaded to Android for free.

Bomber Friends Codes (2023 May) 4.82
List of CodesExpiration date
8QLMDTBE4RAAugust 26, 2022
4FZJPHRT97July 26, 2022
SJ0O17WC5September 14, 2022
HG1WTPXU73ZAugust 23, 2022
DI9ZF384KV5LJuly 29, 2022
A0EBLIOW5YZJuly 22, 2022

During the game you will fight in a minefield with all sorts of creatures. You need to place mines on the game map in such a way that all enemies are destroyed. You can play in a team with friends or random players. Such a process will amuse all the participants in the game. Everyone wants to know who can undermine all the characters and become the winner. 2 or 4 players can take part in a team game. Arranging bombs to destroy enemies, that’s not all. There are also bonuses on the Bomber Friends playing field that provide a lot of effects. You can even open invulnerability.

So try not to accidentally open the bomb! Invite your friends to participate in the Bomber Friends arcade app, which is very reminiscent of the good old games of the last century. You will definitely get great pleasure not only from the mass of bonuses that allow you to complete the game successfully, but also from the cheerful musical accompaniment and modern graphics. Download the Bomber Friends app and complete interesting tasks!

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