Boom Castle: Survivor Defense Codes Wiki [2024 July]

Updated on June 29, 2024

Boom Castle: Survivor Defense is an exciting game where players must defend their castle from wave after wave of enemies. To enhance your gameplay experience, make sure to use codes provided by the developers. These codes can unlock special items, boost your defenses, and give you an edge against tough opponents. Stay updated on the latest codes to maximize your chances of survival and emerge victorious in this thrilling castle defense game.

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Codes Rewards
Get Code 1. Legendary shield with a dragon motif. 2. Bag of 1000 gold coins. 3. Shiny diamond necklace. 4. Enchanted sword of light.
Get Code 1. Legendary Excalibur Sword 2. Bag of 1000 gold coins 3. Shiny diamond necklace 4. Crystal-encrusted armor set 5. Ruby-embedded magical staff
Get Code 1. 100 gold coins 2. Enchanted shield 3. Bag of precious gems

Boom Castle: Survivor Defense Tier List

Sure! Here's a tier list and details for the game Boom Castle: Survivor Defense:

1. Magma Golem: The Magma Golem is a powerful tank unit with high health and strong AoE attacks. It can withstand a lot of damage and deal massive damage to multiple enemies at once.
2. Thunder Wizard: The Thunder Wizard is a versatile unit with strong crowd control abilities. Its lightning attacks can stun and damage multiple enemies, making it a valuable asset in any defense strategy.

1. Ice Archer: The Ice Archer is a ranged unit with the ability to slow down enemies with its frost arrows. It is effective at controlling crowds and providing support to other units.
2. Earthquake Dragon: The Earthquake Dragon is a flying unit that can cause massive damage to enemy structures. Its earthquake ability can destroy enemy walls and fortifications, making it a valuable asset for breaking through defenses.

1. Fireball Mage: The Fireball Mage is a ranged unit that can deal area damage to enemy units. While it lacks crowd control abilities, it can quickly eliminate groups of weak enemies.
2. Poison Spitter: The Poison Spitter is a melee unit that can apply a poison effect to enemies, reducing their health over time. It is effective at weakening strong enemies and providing support to other units.

1. Stone Golem: The Stone Golem is a slow-moving tank unit with high health but low damage output. While it can soak up damage, it lacks the offensive capabilities of other units.
2. Wind Archer: The Wind Archer is a ranged unit with quick attacks but low damage. It is best used for picking off weakened enemies rather than dealing significant damage.

1. Slime Blob: The Slime Blob is a weak melee unit that lacks any useful abilities. It is easily defeated by most enemy units and is not recommended for use in higher-level defenses.
2. Fire Imp: The Fire Imp is a short-range unit with low health and damage output. It struggles to survive in combat and is easily overwhelmed by enemy units.

This tier list is based on the overall effectiveness of each unit in various defense scenarios and may vary depending on player preferences and strategies.

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