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Boom Karts is a free-to-play online multiplayer go-kart racing recreation. Race your opponents to the podium or carry the journey mode challenges to earn your bragging rights—downside your people in epic races with custom-made lobbies allowing you to create the foundations of the race. Enhance and customize your go-karts and avatar with devices earned by using recreation play.

Boom Karts Multiplayer Racing Mod APK 1.26.0 (Unlocked)

This game is so awesome I play it all the time besafe. The clothes and skins of some cars are not coming after opening the legendary chests too Please fix the issue we beg you please do us this favour please for the sake of your game lovers. Trophy decreased itself.. this game is the best and the worst racing car at the same time. My trophy decreased itself and happened many times. For example from 2715+ to 2670+ , even when I won the race. Please fix this. ads are slightly annoying but otherwise a fun game ;-). Alot like Mario kart over all fun game. Always seem to error when winning the gold chest. I've lost out on 3 in a row. Graphics are great, tracks are hard yet entertaining. The beat the ghost is basically impossible.. It's really annoying when want to play for the first time and can't explore by yourself because has a stupid training..

Game is very better but graphics r to bad. Game has come a long way based on the reviews and playing for a few day myself in comparison to what they say. Solid game nowadays. good game thoroughly enjoying it, controls are a little weird but getting use to recentering after turning.. Emojis during race results no longer work. I was waiting for an old school kickback this is awesome.

great game, just like a Mario kart and Sonic racing.. As usual,you get so far then you cant get any further,you have to wait while collecting boxes just to upgrade and the prices for a starter pack just doesnt scream fingersoft appreciates you. i cant open the daily chest,the game crashes,the controls are really nice though the clothes are waaaaaay too overpriced compared to 3 or 4 gems a day.. I love this game sooo much. Is really fun but violent so 4 stars I hope that u realize ur mistake creator. If you don't BUY there DUM outfits you lose BIG SCAM..

Meh...get the mario kart game instead. 2nd best game following HCR2, I ever played. This game is very good, but I wish it had more fields. More tracks and cars needed please update. Been playing for years and never was good. Lot's of cheaters and hackers... and they ban people for words that are not offensive....

Cool game but it definitly cheats sometimes at the finish line. not gonna lie Very well put together game play for hours you should add royal rumble almost like Mario kart. Too much ads and limited car only 4,5 car and that are to primium and costly to updrade and but the quality and graphics and best and the car experience was also good but please add some more car (not primium or costly). its nice game jelek tapi boong bagus acumalaka. I think it's great but i still don't know what tesla is.i wish it looked more like real racecars and a loop and twist in the track would be nice and maybe breaks and gas option.As well maybe camera view option.otherwise itz perfect i couldnt improve on it..

Too many cheating and hacked players. Fun game And makes you laugh. The game has stopped giving my trophies for 3 days now and the Emojis. I love this game so funny. Dont waste your time. Ai is ridiculous. If your mission is getting 1st good luck winning any races in your first 15 tries. I have a level 11 formula car and i routinely destroyed by a level 7 car that you start with. Its really stupid and a waste of time. Im sure this comment will be stuffed at the bottom and nobody will see it..

Playing NOTHING BUT BOTS, get to gold and its immmmmmmmpossable to go ANY higher due to evvvvvery single game = BOTS BOTS BOTS!!!!! Dont waste 1 second on this rubbish! Plus you get put with people on dile up internet lagging through the maps . very fun game just fix the lagging and app crashes it will be perfect. Since the latest update -1/12/22 the game is almost unplayable, keeps freezing & the only way I can get rid of screen is to re-start my phone, when I do get to play it's very slow, slows my race down so I'm going really slow & never finish or come last, very glitchy, full of bots & blatantly rigged when you reach a certain level , doesn't seem to like it if you do play & lot manage to do well, work hard to progress & then get penalised by bots & rigged play !. Pretty fun It's a Mario kart style game.. Please send a new fs game.

I love the game but I don't like the steering. It is very confusing. Great game lots of fun. But you get disconnected a lot and the ads freezes up and sometimes you don't get your reward after watching the ads. Very frustrating. If you could please fix these issues it would be a 5 star game.. Super game i like the game. Nice and entertaining but,need some improvements on maps nd graphics ...more updation needed on vehicles. really awesome game for friends and family. perfect multiplayer game ..

Just updated game!Now when you start game,you're kart won't even move.but the game keeps running while you're stuck at the start.whats going on?plz fix this was working fine before new update.. Good game but the more you level up and spend the worse it gets. Clearly not racing live against other players. Designed to make you spend money. 100% rigged. Well designed however.. Imagine Mario Kart but every vehicle has upgradeable parts and you can either grind for 200 hours for upgrades or pay 10 every time.. so this is what the talking all about, omg best game number one love it.

I really enjoy playing this with my girlfriend, it's a cool game but I wish there were more events and offline playability. Annoyingly addictive; there goes my weekend!. Error with player login. Love game but do not want to start over....Help. Nice game, I enjoyed a lot,one of the best racing game ever I have played.. wow its so cool and i can learn to diving a go cating.

My partner and I enjoy playing this game together! So much fun.. Better than Mario Kart! My partner and I love playing this. addictive racing game ,a real blast!. Not bad. Cars too slow and better cars require money or more time playing than needed.. Fun to start with. But unless you want to spend plenty of money Ur not gonna win. You'll be put with with players that are way faster than you. No fun in the end so 1star.

Down over 150 trophies and the game wonders why I don't spend real money. Rating will change when the game becomes fair again. this game is my favourite game it is very amazing game of my life. Game was ok,now completely garbage due to bots ruining it. Damn, so much fun on this game. This game is very good. It grafix is very nice. I personally like this game..

What is wrong wih your game? My cups disappeares with no reason, i always win or get podium place , but i can't level up or raise my cups, please fix this bug, it harms your game badly. I decided to delet the game more than 10 times recently.. Very bad didet let me turn. Awesome, but has too many disconnects. 1. Game Cheats Alot 2. Alot Of Glitches 3. Turn Off That Lighting Shock that Slows everyone down - And just let the People Play the Game its Anoying.... 4. Cheats you out.... I have played if for a few day now as soon as I put money down it's telling me it won't load due to arror 5 whatever the hell that is,. I would like you to put my money back on my card I'm done,. Thank you soft touch,. That's all it takes you take my money and I don't get what I pay for,. I'M DONE !!!!.

Great game but i cant play it on wifi.allways says error 5 plz fix. Before you made this game you should've worked on getting your games to stop force closing(hill cimb 1 and 2) and lagging like crazy your servers are just straight up garbage. In my opinion. I hate this game, the controls was sucks it keep spinning and i can't get out of the sidewalks. This makes me dizzy ngl.. It's a fine game with friends, but beyond that, it is a pay-to-win, broken, mess. I have spent over 30 hours in this game and haven't even unlocked half of the karts, which aren't cosmetic. No, these karts effect gameplay and the blueprints are very rare in the chests that you get. I have a very strong internet connection, yet I the game is struggling to keep up due to the lag. Punishing players for placing poorly on league play is a bit annoying, but I can live with it.. Used to love this game when I first started playing, but now it's an absolute joke the further you progress the harder it gets to the point of your in first when you cross the line then they all seem to teleport there before you and you end up coming last , it's virtually impossible to get a win streak up , sort it out please all we ask for is fair play but if this is some elaborate way of trying to make us pay you've failed miserably cos all I'm going to do is delete it.

It doesn't matter how good you are or how bad the game chooses if you win or loose FYI if you pay you win more, thinking of deleting it just 3 weeks of play and starting to not like the game . SO DISSAPOINTED IN THE LAST UPDATE. THANK YOU FOR REVERSING THE GAMEPLAY CHANGES. This game is losing players. Please update the game with more tracks. We also need higher ranks for 15k,20k trophies.... What's not to like. I like this app, it's better then Mario Kart !. This game good its defeinetly one that im keeping on my phone.

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