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One of the cool gameplay “tricks” of the latest God of War is associated with the protagonist’s axe. Throwing it at walls and at enemies and calling it back does not bother you until the final credits. The protagonist of Boomerang X is trained in about the same trick, only not with an ax, but with a boomerang. In general, he is much more dexterous and faster than Kratos – his abilities allow you to literally fly around a large location using only one single weapon.


The game does without long introductions: the protagonist wakes up on a sandy shore, goes to a cave, finds the same boomerang there and immediately encounters opponents. He is locked in the arena and forced to defeat enemies – not all, only those who have yellow symbols above their heads. We passed one wave, and immediately after that, the next one starts, and after all the waves, you can open the door to a new location.

At first, the hero has practically no abilities – he just doesn’t move very fast and jumps over unusually long distances. But after the first arena you start to get new skills. First, you will be taught to call the boomerang back – it can fly itself, but it does not always do this while you are on the move. Then you can teleport to a thrown boomerang, then start slowing down time when aiming, you will receive bonuses for killing two or three enemies at the same time – in general, the skills are enough to make the gameplay not seem monotonous.

Killing enemies at the same time unlocks an attack that deals damage in a small area.

If the first arenas are flat and boring, then over time they add a lot of verticality. You no longer just run from side to side, throwing a boomerang at everyone you meet, but fly above the ground and may never land. They threw a boomerang, after half a second they were transferred to it, began to charge it, activated time dilation, chose a direction and flew on. After each throw, the slow bar is fully restored, so there is no inconvenience.

Along with skills, new opponents appear. First, these are spiders and strange flying creatures, then – “rollers”, huge giraffes, teleporting magicians and other monsters. To kill some, you just need to throw a boomerang at them, and the rest require a special approach – either you need to fly behind their back, or pre-stun, or wait for them to jump or do something else.

Landing is for the weak.

Once you get over the buttons and feel more confident on the big maps, Boomerang X gameplay is a lot of fun. The idea, without exaggeration, is magnificent, and the complexity was not twisted here – there are no impassable sections. The great freedom that the game gives without forcing you to keep track of timers and other interface elements makes the gameplay exciting.


But there is one problem – structurally, Boomerang X is more like a tech-demo, and not a full-fledged game. It’s like you’re going through a creation from a game jam where there’s a great idea but a lot is missing. Here everything happens according to the same scenario: we went through the arena, ran along the corridors, jumped into the portal, went through the arena …

Boomerang X: Review

The style of the game is special.

As such, there is no plot – guess for yourself what is happening here. There are dialogues with one friendly character, but they do not help much to understand what is happening. All locations have big names – Kenak Tyranny Relief, Pit of Malice, Valley of the First Nymphs – but these are all arenas that do not tell any stories and only look different (often pretty, yes). There is nothing that connects events to each other, which makes it difficult to get rid of the feeling of incompleteness.

After passing (takes about three hours), it is proposed to replay the same chapters with all unlocked skills or try yourself in the mode with one life, but this is not so interesting. It seems that such an amazing gameplay idea has been left unfinished, that on its basis you can come up with a much more diverse and memorable game that you want to return to after the credits or a few months later. Unfortunately, you can’t say the same about Boomerang X.

Boomerang X: Review

Didn’t really want to.

But as entertainment for the evening, Boomerang X is good. It is unlike anything, so it feels very fresh. Even with one type of weapon, you can come up with a lot of interesting things – the main thing is that the arenas are diverse, the enemies differ from each other, and the gameplay remains fun and dynamic. The novelty copes with all this perfectly – you just need to try not to think that it strongly resembles a tech demo.

Pros: original gameplay mechanics that develop throughout the game; fun battles, during which you can constantly stay in the air; unusual visual style.

Cons: Repetitive structure that makes Boomerang X feel more like a tech demo than a full game.

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