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An attempt to bring Borderlands to a portable platform was made back in 2014 when Borderlands 2 was released on the PlayStation Vita. The port was, to put it mildly, not very good – with unstable frame rates, bugs, and other shortcomings. However, the appearance of a game of this magnitude on a tiny console was an event, especially when other publishers did not even think about transferring their popular projects there. Everything comes out on the Switch, so the creators of Borderlands did not stand aside.

Very, very wandering

The owners of the hybrid console are more fortunate – not only the second part is available there, but as many as three games. The Borderlands Legendary Collection includes Borderlands, Borderlands 2, and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel with all expansion packs. Or rather, all but one – Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary, which was released for the sequel last year and connected the second and third parts.

However, this is a trifle – and without this DLC, there is a ton of content here. Borderlands itself is a big game, especially if you set yourself the goal of replaying them as different characters. A pack of DLC for the first part, another pack for the second, bonus playable characters, a story add-on, and a couple of arenas for The Pre-Sequel – about two hundred hours for all this will have to be killed if you want to study shooters far and wide.

True, the first part has not passed the test of time – it seems drawn-out, monotonous, and faded. Most likely, the point is much more vivid and memorable sequels, in which every element is better. The locations are more spacious and varied, the shooting is more fun, the arsenal is richer, and the quests are not so tiring… The very first game gets boring very quickly, although at one time it was a lot of fun to spend time with friends in it.

Borderlands Legendary Collection on Switch - like the good old

The open worlds are as beautiful as ever.

This is probably why the first game is sold separately from the rest in Nintendo eShop, so we can recommend that beginners immediately pay attention to Borderlands 2 and The Pre-Sequel, which, even after many years, are freshly played both alone and in co-op. The jokes in them are no longer so hilarious (in the games of this series, the louder someone yells, the funnier it should be, the developers are sure), but the gameplay is still addictive.

It’s a pity that when porting these games to Switch, the authors of the port did not add some of the innovations that first appeared in Borderlands 3 and made it much more convenient than its predecessors. This is primarily about the ability to cling to the edges and platforms in the jump and switch between quests by pressing the cross. After playing the third part just a few months ago, I want to see the same conveniences in the rest, but habits are quickly forgotten, and in an old-fashioned way you open the list of quests in the menu, choosing the desired task there.

Everything is right

As for the ports in general, they are made to last. The graphics look great, although the resolution of some of the textures has decreased. On the other hand, the visual style never seems to get outdated, and it did not suffer in any way during the transfer. There are no complaints about the screen resolution either – there is 1080p in stationary mode and 720p in portable mode in each of the three games, without “ladders” and “soap”. You do not experience any discomfort during the passage.Borderlands Legendary Collection on Switch - like the good old

Performance does not degrade while traveling in public transport.

Frame rates can drop a little during intense firefights with large groups of enemies (this was especially noticeable when I got close to them), but this is not anywhere near the nightmare that the PlayStation Vita version of Borderlands 2 offered. In the vast majority of cases, everything works stably, so when you play these games on the TV, at some point you forget that they are played on the Switch. There are no noticeable changes in frame rate in handheld mode.

The only innovation that they decided to add to these ports is gyroscope support. And you can aim more accurately with it, and collect cartridges from open boxes without lifting your finger from the Y button to turn the stick. Unfortunately, if in the port of The Outer Worlds it was allowed to activate the gyroscope exclusively when aiming, then there is no such option here – it is either always on or completely off. In addition, when using it, aim assist is disabled.

And most importantly, the multiplayer has not gone anywhere. You can go through all the games in split-screen mode (you can do this with only one friend) or on the Web, where you can complete quests and shoot at all living things in the company of three friends. There is no drop in performance in co-op, the lobby can be made open to strangers (although you shouldn’t expect crowds – the games are still not the latest), and voice chat is available in each of the three parts of the series. Just don’t forget to pay for your Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

We are unlikely to see the third part on Switch, but the second has not lost its merits so far.


Over the past month, 2K Games and studio Virtuos have released a bunch of games on the Switch, and they all vary in terms of the quality of the ports. The Outer Worlds suffered the most during the transfer, XCOM 2 raises graphics issues, and BioShock: The Collection has almost no flaws, except for the “ladders” in the first two games. Against the background of all these ports, the Borderlands Legendary Collection looks the most advantageous: there is nothing to complain about at all – it looks great, the multiplayer has not changed, and the gameplay is still good.

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