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Brawl Stars is a new hit from the developers who made the gaming community happy with the legendary Clash of Clans, Clash Royale and Boom Beach. The game consists of short (2-3 minutes) team battles, the winners of which receive various rewards. The gameplay is so addictive that you will use even the shortest break to have a few more fights.

Brawl Stars
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The game has the same stylish graphic design as the studio’s previous games, with detailed character development and original effects. The interface also does not cause any complaints: you can figure out all the features of the game in a few minutes. The developers have tried in terms of management, taking into account all the features of mobile devices with a touch screen.
The game has a variety of characters, each with their own fighting style and different features. Any hero has a normal attack and a special ability that deals huge damage, but it cannot be used often. The application has interesting game modes: dynamic 3v3 battles for stars or crystals, capturing a safe with treasures, epic boss battles, etc. Survival mode (“Battle Royale”) with 10 heroes deserves special attention, as well as Brawlball – tough football without rules.
Game Features :

  • Stylish graphics and easy control.
  • Many unique heroes and various game modes.
  • Multiplayer with gangs and ratings.
  • Daily events, original skins and more.

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