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The gameplay of Brick Rigs combines the features of the editor and the simulator: the player reproduces the vehicle model he likes, and then sends it to the real world for testing. To create cars, you need to use various blocks, the total number of which is several thousand. Using the available parts and instructions, the user will be able to build cars, planes, ships and even armored vehicles.

Simulation mode

The main gameplay takes place within two main modes – simulation mode and testing mode. The prototype for creating the construction mode was Lego designers, who offer to assemble a finished model from blocks of different lengths and widths according to the instructions. The same thing happens in Brick Rigs – only real parts are replaced by virtual ones. In addition, the application differs from conventional constructors in its unlimited possibilities for using any bricks, wheels, axles and other spare parts.

Tests and races

In simulation mode, the player must build one of the modes of transport: a car, a train, a helicopter, or even a tank. Upon completion of the construction, the result can be saved and sent to the test mode. Moving through picturesque locations filled with numerous obstacles, the user conducts a crash test of the vehicle he created. In this case, the destruction or explosion of the machine is accompanied by the scattering of cubes in all directions.

For a change, the developers have added the ability to cooperate with friends in Brick Rigs. In multiplayer mode, users can take part in racing competitions or derby-type competitions, the purpose of which is to destroy the enemy car as quickly as possible. In addition, together with friends, the player can travel around the map, completing side tasks related to the construction and maintenance of roads.

Additional Benefits

The main difference of the editor is a rich set of cubes: they can be used both for repeating the original Lego series and for building unique transport models. At the same time, the cars retain the physics and mechanics of movement, which allows you to visually reproduce races, derbies, races, etc. Interesting gameplay is complemented by colorful graphics, which, unlike the models, are made in a realistic style. The only obstacle to mastering the program may be the lack of translation into Russian.

Analogues for Android

At the moment, Brick Rigs cannot be installed on a phone. As a replacement, users can download a similar application: Draw Bricks.

Draw Bricks

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