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Bright Adventures Exploration will help you show all your courage and skills as a discoverer and builder.

Bright Adventures Exploration Codes 2.9.9
List of Codes Expiration date
TCUN8IO12J6 August 1, 2022
L946JQDN3I September 4, 2022
5B0W9NZFH August 11, 2022
A6DZL409KE7 August 8, 2022
HT0UNK96FABW August 17, 2022
FGT7DM9H5PR September 3, 2022

According to the plot, you find yourself in the jungle and start building your own city. To do this, you have to work hard. First of all, you need to clear the location of the future city from the jungle, using a sword and an ax for these purposes. When the trees and bushes are cut down, you can start building houses and outbuildings to make the inhabitants of the city comfortable.

But do not forget about food. To get food, build your own farm and start growing plants and animals that will bring you not only useful resources, but also profit. When everything necessary for life has been created, you can start decorating your home and city.

In the Bright Adventures Exploration game, promotions and temporary tests are constantly held, for passing which you can get valuable crafts and unique prizes that will be useful in beautifying your city.

The game features high-quality graphics and bright design that will help you immerse yourself in the virtual world of creating your own city. In addition, the application has simple controls, as it was created specifically for mobile phones and tablets based on Android. Downloading the game is free, but in order to unlock additional features, you will need to purchase paid content (optional).

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