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April 09, 2020


We are used to the fact that games created by one person (well, two or three at most) are, as a rule, terry indie. Maybe very cool and ingenious, but inevitably niche, and “pixelated”. But one Chinese, hiding under the sign of FYQD-Studio, on the Unreal Engine 4 engine, made a game that looks like an expensive hit, but feels like a cross between Dark Souls and a shooter seasoned with special abilities. So far, only the first episode has been released, in fact a 40-minute “demo”, but this turned out to be enough to feel an acute desire to wait for a full release. All details are below.

Insurgents on the Soaring

It’s not very clear from the demo, but the main character of Bright Memory is a girl named Shelia, who works for the Supernatural Scientific Research Organization (SRO). This office, as follows from the description, discovered ancient relics, the swords of Kansho and Bakuya, which contain the mysterious substance of the Soul of Jiu Xiang, capable of resurrecting the dead.

Naturally, the terrorists immediately tried to take possession of the relics, who penetrated the territory of the SRO research center using state-of-the-art technology – a quantum transporter. The game begins with Shelia trying to stop them and in the process, entering the coordinates of the quantum transporter, mistakenly activates the device.

As a result, everyone, including her and the terrorists, was transferred to the Floating Island – this is such a fictional air continent near the North Pole, dormant in peace for more than 1,000 years. Well, he, of course, turned out to be filled with monsters, the corpses of soldiers and animals brought back to life by the Soul of Jiu Xiang. And they all really dislike Shelia …

Heroine of sword, magic and shotgun

Shelia fights in several ways. First, she has firearms at her disposal, including an assault rifle and a shotgun. However, although the ammunition supply is practically endless, one “firearm” cannot cope with enemies. Moreover, zombie skeletons, and strange mutated lions, and many other opponents love to get closer – except that the terrorists with their guns like to play classic shootouts.Bright Memory: Infinite preview

We take this opportunity to say hello to Far Cry.

Therefore, you have to put a lightsaber into action. No, there is no Jedi swordsmanship in Bright Memory: multi-directional blade attacks, as well as a powerful ground slam that deals damage to everyone around, work as rechargeable abilities. By the same principle, we use a quantum wave that throws enemies into the air, where they become more vulnerable, slow down time, fry with lightning, and so on. A quantum wave can also destroy some obstacles.

All these and other abilities are bought with experience points, which we accumulate as we kill enemies. At the same time, there are also passive skills that increase, for example, the speed of movement, attack power or reduce the damage received.

Why do we need a fire?

But the gameplay of Bright Memory is not limited to this. Somewhere, Shelia needs to use a grappling hook to cross the abyss and get to the other side – she needs to swing a couple of times, and then jump off in time. There are also exercises with levers that lower bridges, and exactly one puzzle, when, stepping on pressure plates, we select the correct runes to go further. Well, one more time you need to figure out how to get to the platform hanging under the ceiling. In general, this already resembles an action-adventure game rather than a pure shooter.

And in some places it is noticeable that the author is clearly breathing unevenly towards Dark Souls. Many enemies, as I said, prefer close combat. And the very selection of opponents – skeletons with swords, big bosses (exactly two), using melee weapons or hitting the ground with a hammer – evoke the appropriate associations. True, no blocks, counterattacks and similar things are not provided here. There is a dodge that helps a lot, but does not waste stamina – it works again like a skill with a “rollback”, and very fast.

Bright Memory: Infinite preview

Agree, if it were not for the machine gun, it could be confused with a picture from any Dark Souls.

Also, a couple of times I lit bonfires, the mechanics of which have obviously not yet been worked out – enemies do not respawn after that, health here is restored by itself, and there are enough automatic checkpoints. Bosses are also not amazing. Basically, they hit hard and call for small things. In one of the arenas, you also have to dodge fire jets while fighting off monsters.

Raw but interesting

But even in this, obviously still raw form, the passage of the Bright Memory demo was full of adrenaline and dynamics. Yes, and the enemies in some places still make you sweat, especially when they attack in droves. In addition, among the terrorists there are super-soldiers who can quickly teleport. Graphics, cut scenes, voice acting, staging – everything is also good here. And the picture is completely fine – the game even supports RTX.

And yes, the story is intriguing. Shelia probably knows the leader of the terrorists, and the “demo” itself is downloaded, as usual, at the most interesting place. Unless the maps are simple – no multi-level, just run forward, overcome obstacles, and then fight in a confined space.

As in almost any Asian game, a girl can be naked … in the sense of dressing up in different costumes.


The author of Bright Memory clearly swung at the ruble. What will be the impact is still unclear. Encouraged by the positive reviews of the first episode, he took on a full-fledged game about the adventures of Agent Shelia called Bright Memory: Infinite. But will he pull such a project or will he assemble a normal team? Or already collected? After all, there is still a lot to refine here – it’s not even about the content, but about the mechanics themselves (the same bonfires). Personally, I keep my fingers crossed that everything works out – this mixture of Crysis, Shadow Warrior 2 and Dark Souls looks too interesting and promising.

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