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Brothers: a Tale of Two Sons transports fans of logical adventures into a vast fantasy world and introduces two siblings sent by their parents in search of their long-lost sister. These lands have their laws and anyone who wants to overcome the mountain passes must prepare carefully for a series of difficult challenges. Our heroes will go through the forests and fields, helping all kinds of fairy-tale characters, among them, there will be inhabitants, dragons, mystical animals, elves, giants, and many others.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

In hundreds of detailed locations, you must search for objects, repair mechanics, solve puzzles, apply skills and quest items, and get exciting bonuses and extra elements to get the main solution corpse. The game has a set of ​​quests in the main plot, a lot of additional secrets and mysteries, outstanding graphics, animation, and sound composition.

Move on to the Brothers: Tale of Two Sons journey and be born at the foot of a mountain overlooking a distant village. Get acquainted with the history of the family and the skills of each brother, tap in any direction, and make the heroes move. Interact with any object on the terrain and location maps.

Tap on pets, people, wagons, haystacks, chests, and baskets. Collect different items, vegetables, and fruits in your inventory, and use amazing abilities to overcome difficult challenges. Think about how to get into far corners, how to infiltrate castles and dungeons. Solve puzzles, and get a lot of things, knowledge, and fragments of ancient treasure maps as rewards. Enjoy an exciting and beautifully designed adventure!

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