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Bubble Tea Tycoon is a fascinating and humorous simulation sport with a straightforward synthetic mechanism, delicate and rich gaming system, and references. Avid gamers may make his private trending mannequin of bubble tea! Avid gamers should recruit cutie cats to work to tempo up the strategy. To develop a new model formulation and improve popularity and attractiveness, avid gamers should enhance raw provides and cat employees. Aside from that, avid gamers could beautify and unlock surrounding ornaments to attract further prospects.

Bubble Tea Tycoon Mod APK 1.6.4

Love this game in a team making it's really fun. Days are continuous, you barely get a break in between. The ads do not work! It just says loading error. I also can't get the items from the bonus tab.. I thought this game worth to give it a try at first but maybe not. It's cute and pretty realistic but at some point you feel like everything is rushed. The break time is short and not really that entertaining but i like the fact we can get our brand name thing and various of the bubble tea though it's not that easy to create another bubble tea. Well maybe this game isn't for me but try to make the break time a bit longer because it really do feel rushed like someone chasing after you lol.. Why am i able to unlock the add ins like matcha or boba pearls even though i don't have 100k coins. Just I'm flat for this game I like this than toca life world sometimes only I play toca life world so I like this game so much any one play toca life world when you play it's some boring but I like toccaa lifffe wooirld I'm BTS army,,forever purple ocean . Didnt even load into the game i downloaded it and it wouldn't even load i wish i could give this a 0.

Hi I like this game but can you please go down the mb it's 366 mb that's so much my gadget didn't accept because it's so heavy. Ever since my google phone updated the app hasn't been working :/ sad because I love this game // they have seemed to fix the game so happy! Edit again : it's broken again I have officially given up on this game I'm so sad bc there's nothing to replace it ! It's truly the best. the game is good but I don't know why one day I can't go in the game anymore . Really wanted to play unfortunately I can't even open the game since it keeps crashing :(. Takes forever to do anything. Frustrating. Not even watching ads will help that much..

it takes time to FCKINNG download. Everything looks great and smooth. But I hope you can play it too offline since there's a cloud saving.. This game is toooooo bossy and I have no idea how to do anything. Constantly crashing since the latest update - can't even open it.. Game randomly crashed after playing it for a week. I tried renstalling the app but it didn't work. When I tried to change the recipe it showed very good recipes I couldn't remove. And I had to restart the app if I wanted to click back..

i looked this game and i was schcked because look at the mb but i still download it annyway hahahahha. Been playing it 3 day since, and NOW IT CANT EVEN LOAD? After recharging, expanding branches, opening estate? I cant even open th game now?! And worst you cant save game data or transfer data? So now what? Let it go and start all over again? No right are you gonna fix this shyt or no?. Its really cute and it makes me feel mentally better, thank you i hope you add more features and more cats in the future. This is so cute!!! I realy love the cats. I also love the Bubble Tea!. This is the best game ever, I have bad adhd and I can sit there and play this game like nothing 10/10 highly suggest Is crak.

Its absolutly adorable. Play it, its super fun, i just wish it was easier to get more cats.. i like the way the customers look a bit of cartoonynes But the most important thing is that the company thingy is not a simple and easy thing. You lose all progress upon re-install... (Loses 2 stars) Game has potential, but it is trying to keep you playing for as long as possible - for examples you need to wait 10 - 40 min between watching ads for certain rewards .. (loses 1 star) what kind of logic is that? It's also a bit difficult to navigate at times. Other than that it is cute in design, gives you 3-4 star kitties quite fast (7 is max if I remember correctly), is different than most apps out there and is fun to play. Can't even open the app, it freezes and crashes while loading the game. Which sucks because it looks like fun.. I love the game so much well before I hate tycoons game but I saw this on TikTok and now whene I download it it is so much fun I love this game so muchbbbhb.

This game is my favourite game of all time. Please keep updating so I can keep playing it update: too many ads and too hard to make progress in higher levels.. It's a cute game, but making money for upgrades takes forever.. It's so cool but sometimes I forgot the instructions.. Very fun and interesting! I'm already addicted! I usually get bored by. Tycoon games easily but there's so many different things to do other than just selling stuff! I love it! My only complaints are that it becomes hard to move on very quickly. As soon as I finished the first shop, I was almost deadlocked from moving on. It also has a tendency to crash A LOT!!! I've cleaned up my storage recently and have enough room so it's not my phone. Otherwise it's a great game!. I dont like this game because first, it wouldn't start at all and when I tried again it crashed my phone so can u try and get it working for any type of blackveiw phones .

I love it.its so fun !. It is a great game, but sometimes it was quite hard to understand.. its very cute, its easy that i think. Overall the idea is pretty good, but the problem is it's so hard to make coins to upgrade anything. This is a problem that needs to be a bit reballanced. The game is a bit hard to play if I can't even make 5k a day and upgrades for my cafe are 100k+... Edit: I figured out that you should make your cats into higher stars which helps a lot with earning coins, but I don't know how to unlock different flavored drinks still which makes earning likes impossible on new locations. Pretty cute game tho!. It so cute and have cute cats (=^^=).

This game is perfection. I love it so much.. Very cute game. I'm tough guy and I like this game.. a LOT of ad offers, but none forced which is cool. Input detection is also pretty slow. I'll rate this later, it's still downloading;). I really like the boba tea but I just want 20.05k money to buy another spot for my cat.

This game is really cute, I really enjoy the game. I hope there will be more updates!. Such a cute and underrated game, definitely deserves a lot more downloads. This is perfect for good today. its an amazing game!! been hooked on it for days! if anyone knows how to make a sour drink though please tell me. This: Cute, aesthethic, beautiful and amazing.

I couldn't play a bit, it keeps stopping everytime.. It's so cute I love it :D. it's an amazing game. would recommend other people to play this game as well. it's a solid 5 out of 5.. It So cutest thing I can see well don't tell my dog but I wish I can go there in real life . Dorfeorvorctp4p4g5p itsssss so cuuuutee.

I love this game it's relaxing and addicting. I really love try it out its soo amazing it download it for now! On discord. This game is so amazing and fun!!!. If this as many ads i will kill this as ads.

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