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Bubbu School is an educational RPG that sends you to school with cute animals. Dress up animals in colorful outfits and explore interesting objects. Get new knowledge, become smarter and have fun in the company of cute characters. All children will be delighted with such studies, they will not want to leave the interactive class and say goodbye to virtual friends. Mathematics, Russian, physical education, drawing, music and other popular disciplines are open to everyone to study in this amazing game.

Bubbu School – cute animals
 Promo Codes (2022 December) 1.25
All Codes Expiration date
BCPA2HRK4VF November 7, 2022
POKFRD421G November 27, 2022
1P42583JU November 23, 2022
JDIVXQO67FB October 27, 2022
A17ORMJWXZ2T December 6, 2022
R84YLD3KCWT November 9, 2022
0O2AUMSWZFX December 5, 2022
LIVP4J86AR November 9, 2022
FYL37ORX6 December 8, 2022
BRQD2C6XUFE November 29, 2022
2OE6KQFCL3G7 October 25, 2022
VP2BM1H4IWJ November 30, 2022

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