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Bullet Force is a global multiplayer shooting game between special forces and terrorists. Connect in real time and win against real professionals in team battles.

Bullet Force
 Promo Codes (2022 December) 1.90.0
All Codes Expiration date
TPOGV43ULQ2 November 4, 2022
JTW891HEVB November 13, 2022
EQV8JR9YO October 15, 2022
JXGDLS602TN November 14, 2022
23MV59HA046Y November 13, 2022
OW6Z7M15TA4 November 20, 2022
8U2WXNYTSZ7 October 14, 2022
C1SGQ2OR9Y December 4, 2022
JXBRUY9MZ November 9, 2022
0PFTS4NH1Y6 October 13, 2022
PDSIEU95Y7Z3 October 25, 2022
OPL37ESHG0N October 29, 2022

Wonderful 3D graphics and realistic atmosphere. No more than two dozen killers can be in one arena in the battle, and each will fight for their rewards. Use the most modern and powerful weapons to defeat real masters. You can safely shoot from weapons such as rifles, machine guns and a host of other types of guns. You will find several combat modes and arenas where bandits and officers will face each other, you just need to choose the side for which you will fight and prepare thoroughly. It is not necessary to have an internet connection, because you can shoot Bullet Force without it. Use offline mode and take part in clashes against bots. Game features

  • More than twenty types of various weapons;
  • Four combat modes, including offline and online;
  • Real-time battles for 20 users;
  • Many arenas and dynamic battles;
  • Realistic 3D graphics;
  • Possibility to choose a side.

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