Bunker Wars: WW1 RTS Game Codes Wiki [2024 July]

Updated on July 10, 2024

Unlock a new era of strategy gaming with Bunker Wars: WW1 RTS Game codes. Dive into the intense battlefields of World War 1 and command your troops to victory. Use the codes to access exclusive in-game content, power-ups, and resources to strengthen your forces. Dominate the battlefield, outsmart your enemies, and rewrite history in this thrilling real-time strategy game. Get your codes now and lead your army to glory!

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Codes Rewards
Get Code 1. Rare machine gun equipment 2. Piles of gold coins 3. Shiny diamond treasures 4. Exquisite ruby jewelry piece
Get Code 1. Rare weapon: Flamethrower 2. Gold bars worth 1000 coins 3. Diamond-encrusted armor set 4. Ruby-encrusted sword 5. Ancient relic granting special powers
Get Code 1. Steel Armor Set 2. 500 Gold Coins 3. Rare Diamond Ring

Bunker Wars: WW1 RTS Game Tier List

Tier List for Bunker Wars: WW1 RTS Game

S Tier:
1. Mark I Tank - Powerful unit with high armor and firepower, able to withstand enemy attacks and deal significant damage.
2. British Trench Mortar - Long-range artillery unit that can bombard enemy positions effectively, especially useful for siege warfare.
3. German Stormtrooper - Elite infantry unit with superior combat skills and versatility in various combat situations.

A Tier:
4. French Field Gun - Heavy artillery unit capable of dealing massive damage to enemy units and structures from long distances.
5. British Sniper Team - Sharpshooters that can take out enemy units from a distance, providing valuable reconnaissance and support.
6. German Machine Gun Nest - Defensive structure that can mow down enemy infantry with its rapid-fire capabilities.

B Tier:
7. French Renault FT - Light tank with decent firepower and mobility, suitable for reconnaissance and support roles.
8. British Vickers Machine Gun Team - Infantry unit equipped with heavy machine guns, ideal for suppressing enemy movements and holding strategic positions.
9. German Flamethrower - Specialized infantry unit that can clear out enemy trenches and structures effectively with its devastating close-range attacks.

C Tier:
10. French Sapeur Engineers - Support unit that can construct defensive structures and repair damaged units on the battlefield.
11. British Field Medic - Unit that can heal wounded soldiers and provide essential support during combat engagements.
12. German Gas Attack - Special ability that can disorient and weaken enemy units in a targeted area, causing chaos and opening up opportunities for an offensive push.

Note: Tier lists are subjective and can vary based on individual playstyles and strategies. It's important to experiment with different units and combinations to find what works best for you in Bunker Wars: WW1 RTS Game.

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