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The wrestle throughout the sacred “holy spar” kicked off inside the Caribbean continent. The guardian of the holy crystal of the normal Summoner family was surrounded by the enemy and had no choice.

Protected by the dwarven jetley from the enemy’s assault, you, as a result of the ultimate descendant of the guardian Saint crystal family, take the airship AK to journey with the “Saint crystal” who controls the way forward for the Caribbean continent.

In a world the place we have no idea whether or not or not the devil did it or the human want did it, and who must take it away, only one could also be trusted. Receive it now and start a model new journey! Now lead the great heroes of the Caribbean continent to avoid wasting a lot of the world!

Calibria Crystal Guardians Mod APK 3.2.1 (Free Shopping)

Hard to Summon 5 star monster. Another pay to win game. I suggest to play AMONG GODS it is very balance and F2P friendly game.. Just installed the game today and all was good... until I disconnected from public WiFi and tried to log back in using my unlimited phone data. Now, I cannot log back in. It seems the developers for this game force players to play on public WiFi, which is absurd and unacceptable. Out of all of the gaming apps I played over the years, never have I experienced such an issue. Again, I have unlimited data service through my IP, so there should be no problem. Very suspicious to experience.. THANKS FOR THE LDS HAPPY NEW YEAR. Ive just started but its a good game of collecting and fighting with lots of different heroes. There are skills and runes to collect and enhance. I think it will be difficult to play well which is always a challenge. Nice game I like the look of it.. I think it's a strategy game with great potential. Hope to keep improving.. So much fun and super busy game. Love it Love it Love it.

The game is great and lots of fun. I love how they handled the free selective summon, it needs to offer a free summon or something, other than that though its fun!. I love this game a lot it. I came back and play it.. Its more interactive a lot more fun great game!!. If youve played summoners war sky arena, you know that getting an Light&Dark is truly just a wishing well. Now that mystical scrolls have a chance for an Light&Dark, theres now more reason to be excited with every summon. The gameplay maps and story is okay. Disregard the pay wall folks. This is a gacha game at its heart but there are plenty of budget 4 and 5 star heros that are crazy good.. A good strategy game with plenty of strategy, great benefits, and a decent plot. Recommended!.

The gameplay is actually good, however this game is not like the original game in terms of rarity. They just hand out 5 stars in this game like theyre nothing and theyve lost all their value because of it. Earn them in events or pay money for a battle pass to get pieces for one. Also light and dark monsters can be summoned from regular mystical scrolls which makes light and darks less meaningful too. Sure in summoners war it might be annoying to not get the monster you want or go forever without getting a nat 5 or ld spark, but when you actually do get one it makes it feel actually important and worth the time.. Good, you can play for a long time without paying.. I hope this game can do better. Wish there was a real-time arena, the game is very good!!!. Very good game, if you like strategy games, I think this game is the best.. This is a good game. I find it alluring, though some other titles do seem to dwarf it, visually as well as with sound. Seems this title had a rough launch, but I think it's a good game, fun, and deserving of a try! The skill system is pretty darn awesome though, really enjoy being able to choose the skills to use, though at this point, original skillset seems fine. Draw system is on the players side, always pulling something new and exciting! 4 stars!.

Where is my old account? Completely gone?? Rip all of my nat 5. This is a good game but the graphics needs to improve, I like the system of the game, this game will become a 5 star if the developers really put an effort on it. Asia server for next update please. Need a stats page after battles.. Good game soo far like the progression has a good feel.

Can't even play because the game won't load. Unknown error unknown error unknown error. Moblile data and wifi, same problem. Edit: a few days later and still not fixed. Guess the game isn't cared about so why i should i care. Deleting now.. Another trash says you can pull light and dark through crystals and i reroll for 7 days cant even get 1 light and dark..another lies to attract players..light and dark for spenders only. Good job tq for LD nat5 .... Any app that dares to charge 99.99 for the chance to possibly draw nothing but garbage isnt worth anyones time.. Game is not good . . . Poor droprates . . . You better close calibria for good . . . In other words game sucks . . . RAID SHADOW LEGENDS still the best . . ..

Fun but very hard to level characters and so far no good exp stages. I even used the exp booster and it barly made a diff. I have a quest to expand my character inventory that wont clear for me after doing it multiple times. The game could be 5* but its missing a few needed things like exp stages, item drop rates need to be bosted and energy goes too fast with buying more or waiting being the only option for more.. Thank you for bringing this back! im veteran player and glad this game have new updates! pls make it better.. This game not for newbee, hard to get rune, honor point,.... This game is incredible! If you enjoy Summoners War and turn-based RPGs, you'll get addicted to this. There's plenty to do, the game is easy to learn and full of strategies. The only thing I wish they had was mass selling of runes. Either I don't know how to mass sell or it's not implemented yet. I'm giving this a 5 star cause I've tried a handful of new games lately and Uninstalled each one recently. But this one has me hooked!. Played the first version where it almost took out sw. It was good back then. I think it is better now that they remove ld scroll and let us summon ld from mystic scrolls. Anyone can own op starter nat5..

Fun game that needs a little polishing. For a game that could compete with Raid and Summoners War if properly updated there seems to be a lack of player to studio connection. Finding reviews like "best messaging app" and not being able to find any reliable site for this studio seems a little sketchy. Apparently they shut the game down for a streamer issue? I played the old version and never expected to get back into my old account anyways I suggest play f2p or not at all til more info comes out.. Down loaded this game work well for one day tried to log the next day and it said "unknown error" and won't let me in.. Do not download this game the developer's are scammers that's all I have to say if you decide to download this and play you will find out the hard way don't fall for this scam.. Chances to get 5* and 4* heroes are too incredibly low..... . If you know Raid Shadow Legends and u think its bad, then Calibria is a close competitor of Raid. If Raid SL feels like a loanshark that tries to bait and pull u to spend more money to invest in the game, then Calibria is like that ponzi friend who keeps asking u to join the scheme then runaway with all ur money. Just ask all the players who lost their accounts when calibria shutdown their servers and u know what i meant. Oh, and the game freeze many times..

A 3.5 star game,with a reload saved-game capability...!A better/more generous collection of heroes would be appreciated...!Thanks.. It's fun, but it's a bit time-consuming. I don't know when I can just skip the level that has been cleared ten times with one key. Or go offline and hang up. 5 stars encouragement, hope to keep updating the version. This is the easiest way to get 5-star heroes in similar games.. It has indeed improved a lot, and it has changed a lot from the previous one. The game is really good. It would be even better if the art could be improved..

The skill tree of this game does have its own characteristics. Poseidon is too strong, wish to draw. It's fun, but you can't automatically fight monsters after clearing the level, it's really too livery... Is it the same lineup, after clearing the level, it can be automatic, which will be much more convenient. The game is good, but the system distribution is a little unbalanced. The biggest problem is that the monsters are picked up. If Mo Ren has no good luck in his life, then it is better not to play this game. Otherwise, you will only be angry with this game. Just answer me every time. Questions make me feel like they're playing tricks on me. Similar to Raid, but the art is not refined enough.

This game can really be played without paying any money! It's your time to play! Don't waste your money. If you want to make money, you might as well enter other games. Or do something meaningful. This game is pretty good. To come in and play.. Fun is fun, but there are too few heroes that can be kept by the demons. I hope the official can greatly modify it.. Can the rune upgrade be better? !. The game is a good game, although a little bit of liver. The problem is that the server is often disconnected, and now opening the navigation bar in the options will cause infinite crashes. Re-installation requires the next more G and a little bit of novice tasks to log in to the original account. . . Really a waste of time. Hope the official can fix it.. The game is very interesting, but the activities are a bit lacking and the variety of actions is not rich enough..

Relax and Happy. Tactical and strategic, players won't cause too much damage to the game, this design is perfect. It is a rare classic mobile game on the market with simple and clear operation, fresh art style, rich gameplay and does not affect life.. The quality of the game itself is good, but there are a few things I don't like. One is the crit screen. Each time the crit screen is displayed for a long time, it takes a long time to wait for the animation to end. The experience is very poor. I hope to provide an option to turn off the crit.. After the game was updated, a lot of changes have been made. It is indeed a lot of conscience, but the material drop rate still feels too low. A lot of details are still not done well. For example, the animation of the single draw can not ignore the hero, but it can be improved gradually. I just hope that Gm can see it. The game still needs to be improved slowly. As long as you are improving, the ratings that players will see will also go up.. I like the style of painting very much, and the skill tree system is very interesting, but I don't know if it will be a big expense. Characters can switch skills according to the occasion of use.. To be honest, it's pretty good, and the skill-changing gameplay is a bit interesting, and it's a conscientious product in its class. There are many advantages: for example, the Star Rising Apostle will retain the level and reduce the liver level; the rewards for guiding tasks are relatively rich; the newly added hang-up system partially reduces the liver speed and frees up both hands. But the problem is equally prominent: the event settings are not carefree, most of the events are required to recharge, the rewards of the activities that are not recharged are not proportional to the investment, and it is difficult to have the feeling that the activities in the demons are not livery, as if they are at a disadvantage; in the apostle In terms of types, there are still too few types of apostles. Although they are borrowed from demons, the fine-tuning of some low-star apostle skills may affect their direct use value, which will cause non-rmb players to feel much more uncomfortable in the early stage; some systems such as The flight cabin and the union system are not yet perfect, and the reason for their existence is lost. I hope they can be improved as soon as possible. Finally, I complained about the drop of the dungeon. It's really low, and I have to endure the torture of falling fragments. Should I consider improving it? Brushing for a long time will improve the team very little, and some runes cannot be dropped directly! There are really few ways to get it, can it only be krypton gold? In short, the game is a good game, but I hope that the developers and operators will be careful and do better and better!.

Before I talk about the strategy, I recommend this game. It is really conscientious and very brain-burning (the reason is that because of the diversity of skills, there will be different play styles in dungeons and jjc, and it is very attractive to me who likes to play strategy. of)The most important point, that is, the body, is the first suggestion to get 6 stars is the dog food captain, that is,the captain of the little girl in the future.I hope my rough opinion can make Mengxin take less detours.. This is the only game I want that has persisted from the test to the present. At the beginning, the focus was on the diversity of skills (the original summoning members). I feel that in the later stage of the arena, different players can play different styles, and they can also PK with friends online. From the diversity of skills, this magic spirit is still incomparable. After playing the magic spirit, I feel a taste. It gives me the feeling that it is a strategic card game, but the combination of 3-star and 4-star skills is not necessarily in my opinion.. Card strategy game, a good game, Like Summoners War, features a skill tree, the conscience is that light and dark heroes can be summoned with ordinary summoning books, and the game art needs to be improved.. It's a good game. You can play it for free. But I wish there are more events and more content to play.. Do not Play this game you will lose all and any progress you put into this game even when you link an account with it you will lose everything .

Really not impressed with this one. It feels like theyre trying to slow the pace of the game with stamina and a lack of idle rewards but it just feels uneventful. Then there's so little summoning going on in a game designed around it. I'm not sure what the plan is here but it just feels like an unrewarding slog. Moving on.. Support is not even responding on issues raised on their FB. Fun and easy to get into. HAVING A BLAST. After update, I cannot log in my account linked with my Facebook account.. Still happy cauz I never put money in the game.

very nice game so reluxe and so cool. Please remove Duel with friends as a daily quest. I don't live for drama, don't want to wait for them to be online to accept my request to fight them.. After tutorial, game freezes. So, 1 star and delete. Nice try, but horribly failed.. Trying to log in, account missing. Just started seems good so far.

You can tell from the first 15 seconds of the tutorial it's a cash grab. Even the demonstration of paid draws give you the worst possible character. Can't get past stage 4 it won't load properly. Profiles seemed to have been wiped so I lost all my progress and money put in. Seems like they bought reviews as well.. Ang software ng application na ito ay talagang madaling gamitin, inaasahan ang paggawa ng mas mahusay! ! !. Really good. I think it's great to like it! !.

Very good, good, sana madagdagan pa ng kaalaman para maging mabuti.. There are not many applications that are easy to use, this is one of them.. Napakahusay, napakahusay, kahit na ang kulay ay solong, nagbibigay ito ng bagong pakiramdam. I think it really good app. Mula noong unang beta test, magagamit din ng mga sibilyan ang software. Maganda ang software at nararamdaman ng software ang laban. Medyo mahirap gawin ang ganoong bagay sa China..

The resources are very rich, it is good and useful,,,. Kung mas malakas ang function na ito, mas mabuti ito.. Maaari mong gamitin ang lahat ng mga bagay nang hindi gumagasta ng isang sentimo, ngunit ito ay tumatagal ng oras, maaari kang makakuha ng libreng mga diamante araw-araw, ang software ay hindi sumasakop sa memorya, hindi nagkakahalaga ng kuryente, maaari ka ring makinabang mula sa pag-hang up, tulad ng. Ang interface ay simple at maganda. Ang pag-uuri ay makapangyarihan. Maliit na paggamit ng memorya. Isang napakahusay na software. magrekomenda! ! ! !. i can talk to all my friends.

A major disappointment the other version 9f the game that I had would not kick me out every single time I tried getting into my old account or even starting a new one with this version.. This a turn strategy game where you collect heroes and then upgrade . It isa nice game to spend some down time and keep you entertained.. Best app but no update notice .

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