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The relaunch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare took the series to the next level with an updated engine and numerous quality changes. Someone played Black Ops after her – Cold War and Vanguard, and someone who prefers Infinity Ward games to the creations of Sledgehammer Games and Treyarch decided to wait for Modern Warfare II (2022). At least they have already waited for beta testing of the novelty – we tell you what’s new in this part and how it shakes up the usual gameplay.

New entertainment at the same level

It should be said right away that the gameplay does not disappoint. Modern Warfare II looks great, it’s damn nice to shoot here, and in general, the very quality that the first part was famous for has not gone away. Those who hoped for an increased TTK (time to kill) did not get what they wanted – you die here about as quickly as in the previous Modern Warfare.

Four maps are available in the “beta”, and if some are successful, then there are questions for others. For example, Mercado Las Almas is almost amazing – this is a classic Call of Duty location with three “lanes”, where there are enough nooks and crannies and there is verticality. But the Valderas Museum does not at all correspond to the promises of the developers that all maps were specially created for six-by-six modes – it is large, and there is a lot of unused space on it.

As for the modes, the classic “Team Battle” and “Superiority” are primarily available here, and next to them is “Search and Destroy”, where teams alternately plant and defuse bombs. Curiously, Infinity Ward (at least in the “beta”) decided to focus on non-spawn modes, offering two entertainments in the same vein in addition to Search and Destroy.

In Prisoner Rescue, you evacuate hostages by bringing them to your point or defend them from the enemy team. And in “Knockout” they must either hold the load or destroy the enemy team. Everything sounds about the same, and in the vast majority of cases, both teams ignore the main tasks, just exchanging fire. It is not entirely clear why there are already two analogues of the evergreen “Search and Destroy” in the game – its fans are unlikely to like the new modes.

But fans of third-person modes were pleased – here Infinity Ward seems to send us back to 2009, when this “trick” appeared in multiplayer in Modern Warfare 2. The advantages and disadvantages of this mode are obvious – it is much easier to look out from behind targets while sitting or standing behind covers. Therefore, in the “beta” modes from the first and third person exist separately – you can not switch in the middle of the match.

Interestingly, aiming works the same in both modes – not like, for example, in The Division or Fortnite, where the camera simply zooms in on the character. Here you are looking through the scope, and at medium distances, the transition animation from one view to another eats up precious milliseconds. So it’s better to play this mode for those who are more comfortable shooting from the hip – pumping shotguns there, I’m sure, will be much easier. By itself, the third-person view is implemented great and noticeably refreshes the game, but it would be cooler if the view through the scope was activated by a separate button.

Shooting with aim.

Shooting without aiming.

Gunsmith and his new rules

One of the biggest changes to Modern Warfare II’s multiplayer has to do with the gunsmith. We are already used to the standard progression system in Call of Duty: you earn character levels, you unlock new types of weapons and items of equipment. Here it works differently. In the beta, initially there is practically nothing to use, except for the M4 assault rifle and shotgun. To unlock the rest of the guns available in the “beta” (there are not very many of them), you need to upgrade this M4, open the receiver of the next weapon on its upgrade tree and repeat the process until you get to the right thing.

That is, if you want to get the FSS Hurricane submachine gun in the beta, you need to reach level 12 M4, open the receiver of the FTAC Recon, upgrade the FTAC Recon to level 16 – and only after this you deserve the receiver of the desired PP. The system is more or less understandable, but it is complicated by the fact that the branch of each gun includes all kinds of body kits, and if some of them are unique for a particular type of weapon, then a part can be attached to different guns. Because of this, the sight that you want to attach to your M4 can only open when pumping some machine gun.

It seems to simplify the process of opening all body kits and reduce the grind, although it is too early to judge – in the “beta” the levels earn too quickly. On the other hand, essentially nothing seems to change – that earlier not all weapons were available initially, that now they need to be opened with the help of other guns. Was all this confusion about leveling trees necessary? When looking at locked scopes and muzzles now, the UI doesn’t even explain how to open them at all. You need to climb into a separate submenu and sadly wind the tree in search of the desired modification.

Perks still to be earned

Memory may be failing me, but I don’t remember perks in Call of Duty multiplayer undergoing major changes. The idea has always been about the same: choose three perks when creating a class and use them throughout the match. In Modern Warfare II, they decided to shake up the system – familiar perks remain, but they work differently.

Now you have two basic perks, one additional and one supreme – either create your own set or choose from those created by the developers. Basic perks are active from the very beginning of the match – including the ability to carry two main types of weapons, weakening stun grenades, the ability to see enemy footprints, and other bonuses familiar to the series.

An additional perk opens at the fourth minute of the match, and the highest – at the eighth. The most interesting thing is that the beloved by many “Ghost” (makes you invisible to UAVs) now belongs to the highest category, that is, it cannot be used before the second half of the match. Perhaps in this way Infinity Ward wants to ruin the lives of campers for whom this perk was mandatory. Now they will have to be a little more active – by earning points for kills, you can speed up the receipt of bonus perks.

If the perk is unlocked ahead of time, an alert will appear on the screen.

Or the Ghost will be used much less often for the sake of stronger perks for the end of the match. Competing for the same slot are Stubbornness, which reduces the cost of a kill streak, Vigilance, which warns of enemies, and Aerial Reconnaissance, which increases the scale of the minimap and also shows enemies on it when turned on. You also don’t immediately know what to put in an additional slot – there are “Quick Hands” (acceleration of reloading and switching weapons), and “Quick Healing” (health is immediately restored after a kill), and other very useful bonuses.

In any case, due to the inactive Ghost at the beginning, obtaining a UAV seems to be an even more important event for the team than before. Interestingly, this time the game has not only a series of murders, but also a series of points, which last appeared in Black Ops – Cold War. You can, for example, get a UAV for either four kills or 500 points – take your pick. This is a great change for fans of all playstyles – in the past Modern Warfare, only eliminations mattered, and there were no rewards for completing tasks in team modes.

Eliminations by streaks and kill streaks still don’t get you closer to the next prize, which is a pity.

military toys

In addition to two types of weapons and perks, the player’s arsenal includes tactical and combat consumables, as well as field modification. In both categories, there are quite interesting innovations that refresh the gameplay compared to the past Call of Duty.

The star of the field mods is the inflatable target, a gadget that looks like it’s straight out of Metal Gear Solid V. You place a subtle pillow on the ground that turns into a full-size soldier in a fraction of a second when an enemy approaches. It’s funny that if you put a pillow near the shelter, then the inflatable soldier will sit behind him, and not stand. If you don’t want to wait for someone to approach the trap, you can activate it yourself.

The thing generates funny moments. Either the opponent will get scared and start hitting her with his hand, then he will release all the cartridges into her, and you will finish him off while he is reloading. If the pillow is successfully placed, the figure can become a kind of shield between you and the enemy – in a split second, the enemy is unlikely to understand what is happening at all. There are times when teammates fall into your own trap, but this rarely happens – mostly the result is in your favor.

Among the other modifications there is a tactical camera – you can either remotely control it, marking opponents, or leave it unattended, in which case it will make sounds when it sees enemies. And a device called DDOS disables enemy electronics around it for a while.

You can put a stun gun in the tactical consumables slot – it looks like one of the titanium grenades from Destiny. It also attaches to any surface and emits current discharges. Does little damage, but prevents the victim from shooting accurately.

The stun gun also clings to opponents – verified.

And among the combat consumables, an explosive drilling charge (BDR) has appeared, and it can become the object of love and hatred of players. This is a charge that penetrates the surface and then explodes. For example, you know that an opponent is hiding behind a wall, but throwing an ordinary grenade into the next door is ineffective – you can attach a ZVB to the wall, it will “leak” through it in a couple of seconds and blow up an unsuspecting enemy.

ZVB in action.

The indicator warns a potential victim of danger, but at the “beta” stage, not everyone had time to react to the charge, and it is not always possible to escape. Both the stun gun, and the ZVB, and the inflatable target are especially dangerous in the hands of experienced players who know the cards well. Therefore, I began to use something other than weapons much more often, which I did not notice in the past Call of Duty. Here, simply running and shooting is nowhere near as effective as controlling corridors with traps and other items, especially if you are saving up for a series of points.

In Call of Duty multiplayer, familiar elements often change, and at times these innovations seem experimental. In the case of Modern Warfare II, changing the perk system will certainly affect the dynamics of matches, and the ability to switch between killstreaks and points streaks will lead to the same effect. So far, there are questions about the design of some maps and new modes, but otherwise the new Call of Duty is unlikely to disappoint those who have been waiting for a quality multiplayer shooter that can captivate for months.

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