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In our review of the Nintendo Switch, we found out that the new console is good from an “iron” point of view. But it was not possible to talk about the ecosystem surrounding the device – before the release, the functionality was cut at the software level. Now, with a Day 1 update that includes an eShop and new features, you can view your device from all angles.

Although there was talk that “friend codes” would disappear, they somehow remained.

Spot update

The patch that installed firmware version 2.0 did not greatly increase the feature set. First of all, the ability to play on the Web, which is mandatory for a modern console, has appeared. For the first six months, it will be free, and closer to the fall, Nintendo will take the same path with competitors and begin to take money for online. In the West, the price of such a subscription will be more sparing than that of Sony and Microsoft – we are talking about 17 – 26 dollars a year, that is, 1,000 – 1,500 rubles in terms of. For this money, subscribers will also receive one project for the NES or SNES per month and exclusive offers – most likely discounted.

Compared to PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold, where products of the first, then the second tier are distributed, it looks modest, and it’s not a fact that it will justify even a couple of hundred rubles a month. Still, hits for old Nintendo consoles have been ridden by fans in the Virtual Console services for Wii and Wii U. And the rest will hardly withstand “pixel” graphics in 2017.

You can now also send screenshots to as many as two social networks — Facebook* and Twitter. The set of functions is the most ordinary, no branded filters can be superimposed on top of the pictures. Switch does not have a browser, but in a tricky way through the user menu you can get full access to Facebook and Twitter – there are already instructions on the Web on how to do this. But its own network – Miiverse ordered to live long. However, it was a very strange idea, which gained popularity only among the most devoted fans. Let it stay in the next generation.

But what is high time to bring in is the “achievements” for which Nintendo received a patent not so long ago. But, unfortunately, they also could not be found. So it turns out that there are only two useful sections in the menu. In addition to the screenshot album, these are news – they mainly report about new items in the eShop online store. So let’s move on to it.

Sofa shop

If it already seems to you that Switch is the classic Bulgakovian “whatever you miss, there is nothing”, then eShop will convince you a little. The couch store has a selection of eighteen releases from day one — not many, but at one time the Wii U had twenty-three titles, and not all of them were available online. Today, on the contrary, retail has no exclusives, except for collector’s editions, and most starter games are not released on cartridge at all.

Publishing screenshots is quite convenient, although this will not surprise anyone.

Other than The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, there isn’t much that stands out here. All key projects – Super Bomberman R, 1-2-Switch, Snipperclips and Fast RMX – are aimed at a mass audience and multiplayer. The rest of the proposals have either already been published somewhere, like Shovel Knight and Voez, or look very bad, like Vroom in the Night Sky.

Nintendo is moving to a model where everything is available online first, but is stepping on its old rake. First, there are the prices. If the cost of the critically acclaimed The Legend of Zelda can be understood, then why they ask for three thousand rubles for a simple Bomberman or I am Setsuna, which has been released for a long time on other platforms, is unclear. Mobile-looking projects and re-releases from the Neo Geo platform cost at least around six hundred rubles, and the maximum reaches almost two thousand. In a word, in Russia and the CIS, such a pricing policy does not need additional comments.

The second point is the lack of demos. At the start, you can only try Snipperclips, a cooperative puzzle game. Not the same Zelda, not the crazy 1-2-Switch compilation, not the Fast RMX races, and not even Just Dance 2017. It’s just sad, because even to watch all this on YouTube, you need a separate device.

It’s good at least that the store allows you to connect an account from the platforms of the previous generation and combine the wallet. So far, no cross-purchases with Wii U and 3DS are expected, although the first release for Switch and 3DS, Blaster Master Zero, arrives on March 9th. Yes, such hits as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Splatoon 2 are promised, but they have to wait until at least April. Link’s adventures will suffice for some, but everyone will have a question: is the purchase justified for the sake of one hit?

Other parts of the Nintendo ecosystem include amiibo figurines. Even old toys will work with the new system. The collection for Breath of the Wild has already been released, which means that lovers of littering the shelves will be able to replenish their collections. And fans of Mii avatars will be given how to transfer their appearance to Switch just with the help of figures, and create a new one thanks to the built-in editor. Only games where Mii are used are not yet available.

Downloads from the eShop are fast – Nintendo has no problems with servers yet.


Network services and additional features have always been a weak point of Nintendo gadgets – the company traditionally focuses on the “special magic” of video games. At first glance, Switch seems to be breaking this tradition, but in reality, everything is as usual. There is no ecosystem as such yet, there is only an online store, albeit with all start-up projects, and you won’t be able to use the device even to watch videos.

Of course, the company’s management hinted in advance that the functionality of the console would be expanded, but there were no clear statements about what and when it would appear. Therefore, it is impossible to perceive the device as a multifunctional one even in the short term. But whether gamers need bells and whistles or not, it is best to share your opinion in the comments.

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