News - Updated on April 15, 2022

Newly studio Terrible Toybox announced Return to Monkey Island — continuation of the second part of the legendary series of quests about the pirate Guybrush Threepwood. The Verge interviewed the fathers of the franchise, Ron Gilbert and Dave Grossman.

The main thing:

  • The developers have long wanted to return to Monkey Island, but the opportunity has turned up only now. “Ron and I are old enough to tell something new about the world Monkey IslandGrossman added.

  • Return to Monkey Island will try to please both longtime fans and new gamers. In other words, the threshold for entering the game universe should not be too high.

  • During creation Thimbleweed Park Gilbert was bound by an obligation to make a retro quest in the style of the classics from LucasArts – in particular, this was expressed in a cumbersome interface and “pixel” graphics. Working on Return to Monkey Islandthe developer feels more free.

  • The creators are trying to keep the key elements of point’n’click quests, but rethink them so that Return to Monkey Island did not imitate in everything the games from the good old days. The changes will affect at least puzzles, dialogues, interface and movement.

At its core, it’s still a point’n’click adventure. This is not a first person shooter. This is not kart racing. This is a point’n’click adventure game. Therefore, we are deconstructing the genre in order to answer the question of what is really interesting in such games. We’re aiming to emphasize the core elements of the genre, not just throw out a bunch of nostalgic stuff.

Ron Gilbert

Any element of the game must support either gameplay or story, or better, both. We are trying to define, rethink and remake everything that does not fit.

Dave Grossman

  • It will be equally convenient to play on the mouse and gamepad.

  • The quest has been developed for about two years – completely remotely.

  • At the peak of production Return to Monkey Island involved about 25 people. As the release approached, the team dwindled as some of the employees completed their tasks.

  • The authors do not want to reveal how other games in the series are woven into the story. Return to Monkey Islandbut they hint that the matter is not limited to the first two parts.

Our philosophy was that we adhered to the canon as much as possible, but with two caveats. Firstly, it is very difficult to keep track of everything – some games Monkey Island contradict each other, so that sometimes there are paradoxes that you just have to live with. Secondly, the canon sometimes interferes with telling a good story, and it is clearly not worth sacrificing it. Therefore, for convenience, we simply ignored what put spokes in our wheels.

Ron Gilbert

Return to Monkey Island will be released during 2022. The platforms were not named.

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