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Empire Conquest is an exciting mobile strategy game in which you have to capture enemy castles. Connect buildings, making them as high as possible, and defeat enemies. Occupy more territories, gather the bravest heroes under your command and create your own levels to make the game even more interesting. Simple mechanics, quirky art, great strategic planning and other game features make it a great way to pass the time.

Capture of the Empire
 Gift Codes (2022 December)
All Codes Expiration date
LIGDY49OAFU November 7, 2022
TOC0LESZ9V November 25, 2022
XLA6ES2Z9 November 19, 2022
FNLSV3OY5BW November 11, 2022
N8HWYSZQTIM5 November 4, 2022
L1U78TMZBVC December 6, 2022
SCTXB6HW4NU November 24, 2022
5R6FYQD7VK October 30, 2022
ZMW2SPLR4 November 3, 2022
RTSB9WQG5ZF October 27, 2022
352YQ6GKAXHZ November 23, 2022
ETYH2UD3N59 November 3, 2022

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