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Finally, the third part of the legendary Android game Cartoon Wars 3 has appeared, which has already been downloaded by more than 70 million gamers from all over the world. In this part, you will also fight with opponents and the battle promises to be massive! According to the plot, you will have your own army and you must properly command it. You will find many fields for an impressive battle. Many players do not approve of the original graphical component, but why change such beautiful hand-drawn soldiers that look pretty cool and cool against the background. The main thing is that the game has new modes that you should try out.

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List of Codes WikiExpiration date
8UJAI6S0YG3September 11, 2022
6ORWH3EQ0MAugust 24, 2022
5WGV80XCYSeptember 22, 2022
M8KHUN1JF5LSeptember 5, 2022
JGOZ0NW79FQ2August 29, 2022
2JU0RWQ8316September 9, 2022

Your task is to gather a huge army in order to easily defend your towers and your territory. Your army must be prepared for the fact that it is necessary to destroy all the defensive towers of the enemies and get to them. To make your soldiers the best, upgrade them from time to time so that they are more productive and powerful in attack.

Updated moments in the game Cartoon Wars 3 is still there, and these are new units and exciting new levels to strengthen your military forces. In addition, you will have the opportunity to invite your friends to battle and test your strength in a raid. So boldly and confidently download this exciting action game and fiercely attack your enemies!

Download ( V2.0.9 )
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