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If you love tower defense games, then Cartoon Wars is the game you should try.

List of CodesExpiration date
NLVYDF8T2MCAugust 17, 2022
7Z08WQDOG2September 14, 2022
YCBWLXK9PSeptember 16, 2022
KVS6L5JROFTAugust 18, 2022
KZIPXVDFTN3USeptember 16, 2022
XQTUPH640J8August 16, 2022

The plot of the game, of course, is somewhat trivial, like the goal of the game itself – to protect the tower, but it has its own characteristic features. They are the ones that stick. In one amazing Cartoon world, two tribes have existed for centuries. One was called Colored, the other – White and Black. Firstly, this division of color contributed to the existence of classes in this cartoon society, because the white and black men performed all the functions of slaves, that is, we could call members of the Colored tribe “masters.” Secondly, their places of residence in this world were also divided by color.

The history of the struggle for freedom is as old as the world, and this particular cartoon universe is no exception. You will have to lead a massive liberation uprising to help the White and Black heroes get rid of oppression for the rest of their lives.

In this all-out action game, you’ll be able to defend your positions using a defensive tower, units and, of course, magic abilities. Regarding the technique of the game, we can say that in order to win the level, you need to aim as accurately as possible in your weapon located on your defense tower, improve the energy production factory, which was specially created in order to create fighters in an infinite number. There are many upgrades available in the game that can be used after reaching a certain number of points. You can pump almost everything: starting with your hero, ending with the tower itself.

Become a real revolutionary in the exciting war strategy game Cartoon Wars!

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