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Castle Clash: Path of the Brave is an exciting fantasy strategy game for mobile devices in which you can build your own huge city and create a team of brave heroes to defend it. On the world stage, you will meet in epic duels with players from all over the world and hone your skills. Embark on a campaign in the dungeons to get valuable resources needed to build the most reliable fortifications.
Protect your vaults with all available means, because the enemies are always on the alert. After repulsing the attack, equip a detachment of great warriors and take revenge on the enemy by attacking his fortress. During the battle, here you can call on various creatures to strengthen the power of the army. Gather unique collections of items and become the strongest defender of the kingdom. Team up with other players to repel especially dangerous enemies together.
Game Features:

Castle Clash: Path of the Brave
 Gift Codes (2022 December) 3.2.91
All Codes Expiration date
CFGELYZ1A9J November 3, 2022
R21V0IH865 November 16, 2022
WE5IUMY43 November 24, 2022
3UD8I5CWOAE November 17, 2022
QBFKXEJTZ5OD October 17, 2022
ODE3VJL679M October 25, 2022
3P9W0JL7H8F October 22, 2022
G4MJ968Y2O October 30, 2022
VSHYQW0JE November 24, 2022
V4MEKAQ3OBS October 19, 2022
JP8LO94HB2N0 October 30, 2022
YMWAE2FRJ3L October 25, 2022
  • amazing mystical atmosphere;
  • exclusive reward system;
  • fascinating defense of the fortress;
  • a wide selection of weapons;
  • colorful graphics.

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