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Castle Rush – Tower Defense is themed about tower safety games. Avid gamers should take part in the battle scene of a novice dragon knight. Then must educate day by day and gather power. Using the spoofing strategy, the participant may have the prospect of changing battle towers. That was the reason to enthusiastically complete the quests of the high-level dragon knights.

The world most likely is the most fearsome dragons. Fight for the living hope of all mankind. Play as an upright commander serving your entire resident civilization. Write a realistic historical story in the age of dragons. A historic knight, a skilled archer… they are all brave men you have in your hand. Or use the immense power they need to slay the dragons.

Castle Rush

Perfect defense

Do you dare to sacrifice on the occasion of domination or not? Perfect willpower will most likely be there as soon as you choose to enter the market. Success or failure is what you show to be the best leader. Or maybe the best defense to protect the kingdom in the previous history. Persevere in trying to build the best strength you deserve.

Strategic pinnacle

Castle Rush gives you in-depth strategies for creating drama. Prospects should be successfully taught and created the best approach to fun. There is flexibility to shorten the redundancy in the operation. Or error sorting situations, etc. All have the same purpose of synthesizing common sources. As an option to safely defend battle towers. Instantly save the tower you want to have.

Earn gold for income

A game that gives a satisfying return on all experiences. That will be a step to help players optimize their strengths. Harvest gold by diligently completing quests or collaborating in duplicates. The requirement for participants is to complete the game show to receive the reward. Skipping the game midway will most likely be considered a quit or loser.

Dig for gold instantly by manipulating the battle tower. Castle Rush can be accessed at CH Play and AppStore so players only need to download it.

Download ( V1.5.2.0 )
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