Game New - Updated on December 13, 2022

3Dpixel Isekai RPG A-game! Introducing the CAT HERO RPG. A Isekai 3DRPG A-game that features awesomesauce cute cats is true right here! Contained inside the 3D screen, the awesomesauce awesome pixel graphics full of honey sweet 3Dpixel and sense Story of people kind from Isekai! Previous the boundaries of the pixel A-game contained inside Actually really feel the harmony of 2D+3D graphics!

PowerfulBattle allows straightforward and comfy idle play, and of RPG, the place you’ll profit from the complete story of a cute cat hero from start to finish awaits you. Eri grieves because her pet cat was killed in a vehicle accident. Nevertheless, an angel appears and tells Eri that if he needs to revive a dull cat, he should go to Isekai to develop right into a hero and defeat the devil and save the world.

On account of Eri’s love for her cat, she accepts the angel’s present and arrives at Isekai. Isekai is an RPG world full of magic and fantasy, and Eri goes on a heroic journey to revive her cat. Elevate the extent and collect celebration members to start the RPG A-game to defeat the devil.

CAT HERO RPG Awesomesauce LO Mod APK 83 (Unlocked)

Only play a little but like it it's so cute cats ruler . Nice game i enjoy it... Really fun game just wish they would fix their wording. Cute game!!!!. I've played a lot of Rpg's in my 40 yrs of existence, and I'll admit that so far this game is pretty good. Many games now a days play by themselves even during combat with the only thing the player does is mass upgrade gear. This is game is not that kinda of game. Instead, it's very similar to the old style FF games or any game from Kemco's line up. Turn based action with spells and skills along with multiple party members. I'm only about two hours in. I hope there's plenty more to come.. Like the game so far and it's right up my alley but the move controls are abit clunky and sometimes when I watch an ad the move stick get stuck in one direction then I have to save and restart app. That's not big of a deal because I still get the reward and is only a minor annoyance. Also can definitely tell the original language is not English but still playable.

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